Friday, 22 February 2013

{Not at all} Athletic Carnival

Twice a year our church has a conference, where all of the congregations in northern Tasmania meet together over the weekend for activities and meetings.  During summer we often have a swimming night.  Other years we have had talent nights which were always a great night, but not necessarily full of talent :)

This year we were excited to hear that the activity for conference was going to be an athletics carnival.  When I was young  I remember having lots of fun at church athletics carnivals, so I was hoping it would be as much fun as I remembered.  Each of the congregations (wards) were a team so my ward - Launceston East (we were white) was competing against Launceston West, Deloraine, Devonport and Burnie.
Jay decided that to wear his Batman mask and cape for some reason - probably to put off his opponents. I don't think it helped at all! 

Before we left home Harri searched the house for Aaron's old sweat bands.  He was so excited about the night until he realised that the footy season was starting that night, with the first game of the NAB cup being played.  He was in tears because he didn't want to miss it, and he reminded me so much of Aaron, who would've been complaining about the same thing. I often catch myself saying to Harri 'are you right Aaron!?' because he is so much like his Dad - not necessarily always a good thing! :)  Once he realised that there was no use arguing as we weren't staying home to watch it, he couldn't wait to go in some races.

It was great to have so many people come along and it was such a fun night.  The best thing was that everyone just went in it and had fun and didn't care if they were athletic or not.
The first event of the night was the husband and wife wheelbarrow race.  When they announced it Harri looked straight at me and said 'you can't go in that Mum'. No I couldn't, but I didn't mind at all - it was hilarious to watch.

Everyone loved watching the young guys competing, especially in the high jump. Some of them were so athletic.

One thing for sure is that you can be semi fit but that doesn't mean at all that you are athletic.  My mind would want to do something, but my body just would not co-operate. In my mind I see myself jumping far in the long jump or running fast, but my old, tired, overweight body would not do what I imagined in my mind! 

I competed in the 100 m, 400 m, long jump and relay in the 'Masters' category which was aged 35+ . I thought I was going to die in the 400 m!  I wanted to hug my cousin Toni's husband Jaron, when he told me off for lining up for the long jump with the 'masters' as he thought I was too young for that category! Thanks Jaron! I'm not sure if you were just being kind to me, but I'll take it anyway.  

I was obviously so fast that I was just a blur! ;)
The boys had such a great night and were so excited to be able to go in events...well Harri and Kobe were - Jay had a good night too, but wasn't keen on racing, but went in it anyway and had lots of fun.

Kobe cracked me up when he saw this photo. He looked at it and said 'I didn't know I could jump so far Mum!'.
While the boys were competing I was also competing, so they would finish their event and be so excited to come and tell me how they went. 
It was a great night and hopefully something we will do regularly now.  Unfortunately we came second by only 6 points to Launceston West Ward. The challenge has been set for next year :)


  1. Great photos, great fun, great weather, great activity!

  2. You do look very fast in that blurry photo - your stake has such FUN activities!!

  3. Awesome photos Lisa! It was a really fun night!!

  4. What a fabulous idea. I love the picture of Jay and Kobe. Very sweet.

  5. What a fun activity! This would make a great family reunion!


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