Thursday, 30 April 2015

Woman's Day

On Monday we grabbed this week's Woman's Day magazine (okay maybe I grabbed a couple and then went back for more later!) because I knew that an article about all the state finalists for Barnados Mother of the Year was going to be in it.  I had to laugh as I never buy any magazines, but bought four copies of the same one! I'm sure the woman at the checkout thought I was crazy.   

It's so weird seeing ourselves in there, but I love the photo.  The photographer from Woman's Day was so fun and kept making Harri laugh, as he would tell him to take twenty steps to the right and then Harri would realise he was out of the shot.  Then he would tell Harri that if he didn't look good in the photo, he would just Photoshop him out. 

It was hilarious to get sent this photo early on Monday morning. Di and Alison ran into each other at the supermarket, and were obviously buying all the other copies! ;) 
I love reading about the other state finalists and am looking forward to meeting them in Sydney next week. They all have their own amazing stories and are incredible Mums. 

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