Thursday, 9 April 2015

Still Remembered

I always love hearing from Aaron's past students and am amazed that more than three years later they still talk about him and miss him.  This week one of his past students wrote this on his Facebook wall:

Miss you Kingy!
What I would give to go back to the days you would pull me out of a class I was having trouble in and tell me to put my head down or you would do it for me!
If there was a teacher I could of sat down and had a beer with when I'm 18, it would have been you!
Never forgotten!

I commented that he would've loved to have a Pepsi with him.  It means so much that past students take the time to still say and do lovely things, because it reminds me that we aren't the only one missing him, and it makes me realise that he won't ever be forgotten.

One of Aaron's past students Shaun has been so kind to my boys over the last three years.  He and his Mum often drop off AFL figurines for my boys as they are collecting them.   The other night they dropped by to drop some more off, and Kobe had the best time kicking the footy with Shaun for ages. 

When I put Kobe to bed that night I asked him if he knew how we know Shaun.  He said he didn't so I told him that Daddy used to be his teacher.  He was surprised and I told him that at Daddy's funeral Shaun was very sad and that even though he doesn't go for Hawthorn, he wore a Hawks tie and took it off and put it in Daddy's grave.

Kobe's eyes lit up for a second and said 'and it's still in there!?' as he was excited to know there was a Hawks tie in the ground with him.  His lip then started to quiver and he said 'let's stop talking about this now because it's making me sad', and he started to cry. 

It's so nice that Aaron is still remembered, and that my boys can see what an impact which he made on his students, even years later.


  1. Shaun sounds like a lovely young man! Aaron would be so proud of him, no doubt thinking it was all because of him!! ;)

  2. That's a gorgeous photo of Kobe and Shaun -- it seems to capture the heart of the importance of mentoring relationships.


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