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ANZAC Day is always a very special day to us because my Pop fought in World War Two.  We always make an effort to go along to the ANZAC march and usually go to the march in Deloraine as that is where Pop would march, before he passed away.  This photo is extra special now that Dad has also passed away
 Mum came and stayed last night and we all went to the dawn service this morning. It was the first time the boys had ever been to the dawn service, and let's just say they weren't too happy about getting out of bed at 5am! 

On the way to the cenotaph Kobe was complaining away about how he wished he was still in bed, and how he was cold.  I couldn't resist coming back with 'how do you think the soldiers felt when they had to get out of the boats in the cold, to go to war! They couldn't just go back home to their warm homes'. 

We met up with some friends at the dawn service, and Jalen and Lizzie laid a wreath on behalf of the youth from our ward at church.  It was awesome to hear a kookaburra while the last post was being played.

By the end of the dawn service the boys all loved it. I think they just needed to wake up properly - going to Maccas for breakfast afterwards probably made it seem even better!
This year Jalen said he was going to march with his school with the Student Leadership Board, so we decided to stay in town this year.  Because it is the 100 year anniversary since the ANZACs landed at Gallipoli, we knew it would be an extra special year, so Harri and Kobe decided that they would also march with their school for the first time.   They've never had the chance before, because we usually go out to Deloraine.  The boys met up with everyone from their schools before the march through town.
Jalen got to carry the wreath for his school during the march.
I marched with the school as well, and it was amazing to see thousands of people lining the streets. 
We spotted Mum taking pics on the way.
The boys had lots of questions about the robes the mayor had on.
I was excited that four of my EAL (English as an Additional Language) students came along.  We had been learning a lot about ANZAC Day and what it means, and how it's a special day to say thank you to the people who have fought in wars for us. 

I had a parent meeting with an interpreter at the end of last term, and explained what it was about and said I would love for them to join us in the march if they could. It made my day to have them there, and meant so much more because they come from a refugee background, and they know that Australians continue to fight to bring peace to their country.   They had lots of questions about the day and found the service a bit long, but really enjoyed the march.
It was moving to hear a student from Turkey deliver a message from the Turkish Prime Minister, and to know that we are no longer enemies.
This week I have received some lovely letters from a few different politicians, wishing me well and saying congratulations for being awarded the Barnados Mother of the Year for Tasmania.   One of the letters was from Andrew Nikolic and he spoke today at the service.  Afterwards I saw him, so went up to introduce myself and say hi.  As soon as I said my name he knew who I was and was so happy to have a chat and kept saying how happy he was for me to win the award. He told me that his Dad had passed away when he was 13, so he understood a little of what we are going through.

He asked us if he could get his photo taken with us, so we also took one. Harri thought it was cool that a politician was asking for a photo with us.
 Mum had fun with the boys on the way back to the car.  The leaves are looking so pretty at the moment.
It was a very special day, and it was really lovely to see so many people paying their respects this year.
I miss my Pop even more on special days like today.

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