Thursday, 23 April 2015

Still Sinking In

It's been a big week after being awarded the Barnados Mother of the Year for Tasmania, and I think it's sinking in.   I didn't realise what a big deal it was going to be and it's slowly hitting me how huge it is.   I've been overwhelmed with so many lovely messages from people congratulating me including letters and emails from politicians, and strangers saying hi and congratulating me when we are out.

I got an especially lovely surprise when a florist delivered flowers and chocolates from the Hawthorn Football Club.  They have been so lovely and supportive of us since Aaron passed away and it touches me that they still reach out to us.  It's just one of the reasons why I love the Hawks so much.   I did joke with the boys that if the Hawks were already in town, I'm sure the lovely Hodgey would've delivered them himself. 
I went back to work on Monday after our Easter school holidays, and so many kids were telling me that they saw me on TV or in the newspaper.  I've had a few laughs with some things that kids have said.  One girl said she saw me on TV and then asked 'did you win the election Mrs King!?'.

Another girl in grade 1 asked me why I won the Mother of the Year.  I told her I wasn't sure but they must've thought I was doing a good job as a Mum and she said 'oh I know why! It's because you work at the same school as your boys and they think that's good'.  I agreed with her and told her that was probably it :)

Another girl yelled 'congratulations on winning 'mother of the month Mrs King!'. 

Kobe's teacher told me that for his news writing after the holidays he wrote all about staying at The Old Woolstore and how it had a fridge, a microwave and a bible in the room.  She said there was no mention of my award and she reminded him I won the award, and he then went off and wrote about that as well! I asked him later if he was more excited about the hotel than the award and he said he was equally excited about both! He cracks me up.

I was lucky to have my friends Chelsea and Alison taking photos at the state award for me, but yesterday I was emailed a link for the photos that were taken by official photographers on the day.  It was fun to see some different photos and it made me realise how much of the day is a real blur because I was just so nervous the whole day, and then overwhelmed when I won.  I wish now that I just felt more relaxed so I could've enjoyed it more, but at the time it was just very overwhelming.

These photos were taken before the announcement was made. It was funny as each of the nominees had their photo taken with a couple of different flowers before the announcement.  These were the flowers I was given after it was announced, and there were other beautiful flowers for the other finalists.  
All the media and photographers knew before hand what was going to happen, and they were all given a sheet of information with what Reeve had written in his nomination, but at the time I didn't realise that.  Later when they were interviewing me they kept pulling it out, to confirm different information.

I love that the photographers captured Jalen taking a pic of Reeve and I on my phone.
When I see these photos my stomach starts turning again and my heart starts racing, and all the emotions I was having that morning come back again. 
 It was such a lovely but overwhelming morning. 
Listening to Reeve read his nomination. 

Answering questions about how I felt about being nominated and how I stay so strong.

This photo shows so clearly the moment that it was announced.  Reeve is obviously very excited and looks like he knew it all along, but I'm sitting there stunned and in shock. I remember thinking at the time 'they said my name!  Did they really say my name!?' and then thinking 'I'd better get up to get it from the Premier'. 
I love this pic with the other nominees. They were such lovely ladies and I actually felt sad at the time that they couldn't also be awarded it.  
This time I'm holding the winning flowers after it was announced. 
I still don't think I deserve it, and I go between being embarrassed and then feeling very grateful for what has happened.  It's been a lovely boost for me and the boys and I wish even more that Aaron and Noah were here right now to be a part of it, but then I know that if they were here that this wouldn't have even happened.  It's very bitter sweet.   I've been missing them so much this week, but have actually been feeling them around a lot which has been nice.

I am grateful and overwhelmed with everyone's lovely comments and thoughts as everyone wishes me well for the national final.  There are some amazing women in the national final and I'm not at all expecting at all to be awarded the National Mother of the Year, and I think in a lot of ways that will make it more enjoyable as I will just look forward to the whole experience, without feeling nervous about it.  I'm excited that Jalen gets to come along with me for the weekend, and hopefully Reeve will be able to make it to the announcement as well. 

You can read more about the other state finalists here.  There are eight all together and they aren't all up on the website yet. 


  1. Congratulations from the USA! You are an inspiration to so many with your strength, faith, and courage.

  2. A well deserved win :)
    After all that you have had to deal with over the past few years, the strength you have shown is amazing and you continue to help people you don't even know.



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