Sunday, 12 April 2015

Special Missionaries

We've been very blessed the last two years with awesome missionaries from our church, serving in our area.  Missionaries are volunteers for two years, and we are part of the Australia Melbourne Mission.  Missionaries can be in one area from anywhere between 6 weeks to up to 6 months or more, before they are transferred to a new area in the same mission.

There are some missionaries which you just have a special connection with.   We loved Elder Hosman and Elder Sargeant so much, and the boys were devastated when they were both transferred back to the mainland at the same time.  

We got to catch up with Elder Hosman a couple of times when we went on a holiday to Melbourne, and were so excited when we heard Elder Sargeant was transferred back down to Hobart, as it meant we got to see him while we were there for a few days. 

Elder Hosman finished his mission a few months ago and is now back home in Arkansas and Elder Sargeant finished his mission just a few weeks ago.  It has been fun to become friends with their families on Facebook and Instagram, and we were so excited when we heard that Elder Sargeant's Mum and Step Dad were coming from New Hampshire to Australia to pick him up. 

The day that they picked him up, the three of them flew down to Tassie and we felt very lucky to be able to spend some time having tea together,  before they flew to Sydney for a few days, before going back home to the USA. 
It was so fun to meet his Mum Therese and Step Dad Dan, as we had been talking for so long on Facebook and Instagram. 
We had a lovely tea together and had a nice time catching up.  Therese blogged about it on her blog here.  Thank goodness my boys were behaving that night! ;)

The boys loved seeing Elder Sargeant again, and we couldn't believe that he was just about to go home and would no longer be known as 'Elder Sargeant'.  Its always hard to call missionaries by their first names once they get home.
Thank you Therese and Dan for sharing your son with our family. We will miss him now he's no longer in Australia, but it's so fun to keep in touch via Facebook and Instagram.  Thank you for taking the time to come to Tassie and to spend some time with us. We loved meeting you in person and hope that one day we can visit you in New Hampshire :)

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  1. Love when missionaries touch your heart and become part of your family! We know that from some sister recently serving in our area.


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