Thursday, 27 February 2014

Always Their Hero

Jalen and I have been talking a lot about Aaron lately, and what kind of teacher he was at school.  We both say that it's hard to imagine him teaching, but we know that he taught his students more in a few years, than many teachers could teach them in their whole teaching career. 

When the grade 10s from Kings Meadows High School left school last year, they asked if they could have a mention of Aaron on their leavers t-shirts, as he was their grade leader when he passed away.   The t-shirt had the student's names on it and then 'fond memories Mr King' at the bottom.  I thought it was so lovely that they wanted to include him on their t-shirt, so I was very surprised when I got a message from a past student at the end of last year, asking for permission to design a hoodie to be made in memory of Aaron.  

Some of the students really wanted to have something more to remember him and their year group, so I was blown away when I saw the design.   He had included everything Aaron loved - Hawthorn, the Chicago Bulls, his school house Tamar (the green socks and headband), Kings Meadows High School shorts and his favourite number.   Aaron would've loved it so much. 
I ordered one for myself and was excited to get it yesterday.  They look so good.  
I hate that it's been so long since he has been here, and even my memories of him are starting to fade, so I worry that others will forget him.  It's so nice to know that his students still love and miss him, even two years later. 

Jay and I have said how amazing it is that students would want to do something so special to remember him, and how it goes to show what an impact he had on their lives. I hope that I can teach like he did - not only the curriculum, but I hope I can have an impact on their lives, even years after I have 'taught' them.  

Thank you Emerson for designing it and organising it for everyone.  You did an amazing job and he would love it so much.  


  1. What an honour. He obviously made a huge impact, and will probably continue to guide his students as they remember his words and wonderful teachings.

  2. What an amazing tribute to what sounds like an amazing man. What awesome kids...and how lucky they are they had your husband/dad as part of their lives. I wish I would have known him myself.

  3. Wow, Lisa, that is really wonderful. So now Aaron was not only a model for his students but he will be for you too. Godspeed!

  4. How beautiful. Aaron's legacy clearly lives on. xo

  5. Sniff, this made me tear up. How wonderful he is so honoured and remembered by his students.


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