Saturday, 15 February 2014

Valentine's Gifts

Aaron and I never really made a fuss about Valentine's Day, but some years Aaron would come home with a bunch of flowers on Valentine's Day, and then I would feel terrible that I didn't get him anything.  He also proposed to me on Valentine's Day, so I guess he was romantic at times :)  The last two Valentine's Days had been really hard, but this year it was a lot easier. I wasn't dreading it like I had the last two years..

It was lovely though to get home to a beautiful bunch of flowers on my doorstep from two beautiful friends - Naomi from Seven Cherubs and Naomi.  They are sister in laws so they both have the same surname - how cool is that!  They are so kind and thoughtful, and it was so nice to know that they were thinking of me. The flowers are gorgeous.

When I got home from work there was a box of chocolates left at the door for me.  I have no idea who they're from, but joked with the boys that they were probably from Hodgey, or a secret admirer ;)

It was a beautiful surprise and they didn't last long with the boys sharing them with me.   Kobe thought they may be from my friend Simone, but I'd rather believe they really are from Hodgey ;)  Thank you to whoever dropped them off.

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  1. What a lovely Valentine's surprise for you. The flowers are absolutely beautiful, and the box of candy looks very pretty too. You have a wonderful friend, whoever she/he may be.


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