Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Hanging onto summer

We are obviously busy at school and work as it's almost been a week since I've blogged.  I'm absolutely loving my new job as an EAL teacher and I love the kids I'm working with.  I'm feeling so busy as I'm trying to get things organised at work and spending a lot of extra time on doing things for school, but it's a 'good' busy because I'm enjoying it so much and it's keeping my mind on something.  It's so nice to have a job that I love again, and it makes things a lot easier to cope with.

The boys have settled into school well, but I'm surprised that they are all really struggling right now with their grief. I thought that once school started things would settle down, but they actually seem to be worse. They are all happy at school, but I think the changes with new teachers and classes has caused them all a bit of stress.  There are lots of tears at the moment and I have gone back to sharing my bed some nights.
All the boys were really sad and tired at the end of our first week back at school, so I decided that we were going to go and have some fun so we went swimming, had Maccas for tea and were excited to go to Cold Rock, as it was their opening day in Launceston.  They thought it was the best night ever.
We are still having warm days, but the nights are getting cooler and I can feel summer slipping away.  Even though we are all exhausted after work and school, I don't want to waste the beautiful weather, so we have been going for lots of swims after school and on the weekend. 

All the swimming has made Kobe so confident in the water and he's swimming so well.  He is so proud of himself and keeps saying that he taught himself to swim and tells me that I didn't help him at all :)
On the weekend we had fun swimming at a local river with Alison and my Aunty Deidre and Uncle Kim and their grandsons.  It reminded us so much of my Pop's river where we spent so much time growing up.
We will hopefully have a lot more hot days before the warm weather really slips away, as we are all finding swimming so therapeutic.  I'm not at all ready for summer to end just yet.


  1. Hi Lisa,

    I've been reading your blog for a few years now, and just wanted to say congrats on your EAL job. My mum (Jenny) is the EAL teacher at Invermay, and I know how rewarding (and challenging!) that job can be! Wishing you all the best for it, and I hope you and the boys have a good school year.

    Erica :)

  2. I am very happy you are enjoying your job, that's wonderful news. I hope the boys feel happier at school soon and get used to their new teachers and the new school year without feeling sad or stressed.

    Great photos here of you all swimming. Sydney has had lots of hot and humid days this summer and we have been swimming many times too. Hope you have a stress free day and week end. Thanks for sharing and keeping us updated. Love from Susan McGuire in Sydney :) xxoo

  3. Lol! We call it Cold Stone in the US! Love that ice cream!


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