Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Melbourne with some of the best

Over the weekend the boys and I spent some time in Melbourne staying with my sister Nicki and her family.  We had a jam packed couple of days trying to fit lots in before we had to get back for school and work. 

One thing the boys really wanted to do was catch up with one of our favourite missionaries from church as he left Tassie a few months ago.  The boys love both Elder Sargeant and Elder Hosman but Elder Sargeant was too far out of Melbourne to visit.   We were so excited to catch up with Elder Hosman though.   We met him and his companion Elder Faatau for tea.  Elder Faatau is from Australia but has a Samoan background.
Elder Faatau was so lovely and really great to talk to.  He made us laugh when he would stir up Elder Hosman saying that he was going to be crying all night, because he had to say goodbye to us again.   It was lovely to catch up on the last couple of months and to hear how his new area was going.  Elder Hosman is from Arkansas and it made me laugh to hear him say 'yes ma'am' again. 

The boys love our new missionaries in our area who are actually sister missionaries, but it's not the same as hanging out with the guys. 
The next day Jay and I went to the temple with over a hundred others from Tassie, including my Mum and Dad who had been staying with my sister and her family all week. 
It was so good to be there with so many good friends, especially two of my best friends Simone and Lisa.
Selfies with some of the best people ever :)
Elder Hosman came to say hi to everyone he knew from Tassie before we caught the bus back to the airport.   He wishes he could come back to serve in Tasmania, but I told him he is dreaming as you don't usually get to serve in the same area twice.  Elder Faatau said he was crossing his fingers that he would get to come down sometime, and I told him if he did that we would be the first ones to have him around.  I know the boys would love to hang out with him more.

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  1. I live in Oregon in the USA and last night our missionaries came over and had a third one with them. He is staying in our area until he gets his Visa to Australia! I thought of you and your family and how crazy it would be if he ended up in your area! This is the second Elder that has stayed in our ward while waiting for his Australian visa. It's wonderful how the missionaries always seem to brighten your day. ~Lisa


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