Monday, 16 December 2013

Better than the footy!

Some of the best memories I have from when I was a teenager was going to concerts of singers that I loved.   Since seeing Pink in concert with Aaron I have wanted to take the boys to a concert, other than The Wiggles :)   I was excited to see Pink this year in Sydney, with my Mum and brother and sister, but didn't think it was really appropriate to take the boys to. 

I knew that Taylor Swift was going to be touring Australia and jokingly asked the boys who was going to come to the concert with me.  I thought they would say no way but Jay and Harri both said straight away they would come.  Luckily for my bank balance, Kobe was happy to hang out with his cousins for the night in Melbourne.  I'm lucky that my sister Nicki and her family live in Melbourne now, as we get to stay with them whenever we are there.  Kobe was so excited about seeing his cousins again (even though we were just there two weeks ago!) and kept saying 'it's special that I get to be with my cousins by myself isn't it Mum!?'.

We flew to Melbourne on Saturday afternoon and jumped on a tram in the city and went straight to the concert.

It was exciting just waiting for it to start.  The two support acts were Neon Trees and Guy Sebastian which we were so excited about.
There were 47,000 people there all together.  Most of them were couples or families with girls, but there were a few boys around too.  My boys didn't seem to mind at all, and just loved the atmosphere and excitement as we waited for it to start.

Neon Trees were really good and sung a couple of their songs that we really like, but Guy Sebastian was awesome.  He sang a lot of his older songs as well as newer ones.  I loved watching the boys sing along.

Taylor Swift was amazing.  Her voice was incredible and she sounded just like she does on her album.  She played a lot of different instruments and had some great dancers and effects.  We were just disappointed that she didn't sing one of our favourite songs 'Everything Has Changed'.
The concert in Melbourne was the last concert of the Red Tour for 2013.  I'm sure she has photos taken at every concert, but she asked everyone to turn all their lights and phones on for this photo to be taken (taken from Taylor Swift's Instagram).

I loved watching the boy's faces throughout the concert.  They were loving it and were singing along to the songs they knew.  I was cracking them up as I would imitate the girls around us screaming, whenever different songs would come on. Harri thought it was hilarious and one time he said 'you screamed the loudest that time Mum!'.    This was one of our favourite songs from the night, and it reminded us of the time Kobe was belting it out in the car.

During one song Harri asked if he could stand up as he wanted to dance! We were sad when it was over.  At the end Harri  said 'I was singing the best tonight! I sang all the songs!'.  As we stood up to leave Harri said 'that was better than the footy!'.  It made me laugh so much and I said to him that it was a big call, but he kept saying how much he loved it.  Jalen asked when we can go to another concert and can't wait to go to another one. It was so nice to do something so special with the boys and to have something to look foward to. 
We flew straight back home on Sunday morning, but the boys got to have a very quick play with their cousins before we did.  It's a pity we had to come back for school and work or we would've stayed longer.  
Melbourne looked so dry when we were flying out.
It's amazing how green Tassie is still even though it's Decemeber. It shows how much rain we have had this year.
Thanks for having us Nicki and Alex and for transporting us around, waiting patiently when we are lost and running our iPad to us when we forgot it.   We hope you don't get sick of us visiting! :)


  1. Wow what a great experience for you to share together. I would never have thought boys that age would be interested in seeing a live concert, especially a female singer. It is wonderful to see they enjoyed it.

    My best friend and I went to the Bon Jovi Sydney concert last Saturday night. It was FANTASTIC!!! We had so much fun singing, clapping and cheering with 40,000 other fans at ANZ Stadium. I was lucky to buy 1/2 price tickets off ebay which made it more exciting as I normally can't afford concert tickets.

    It makes me very happy to read your blog posts and see what you have been up to. I am happy you have been having some fun experiences this past year, thanks for sharing. I am always wishing the best for you. Have a great day and keep safe from Susan McGuire, Sydney xxxooo

  2. As a teenager my sister and I went to so many concerts and it's something that we'll always remember. A year ago I was able to get two tickets to the Justin Beiber concert. My youngest daughter, who was 11 at the time, loves his music and had been trying to win tickets on the radio. She was over the moon when she found out, not only was she going to the concert, but she had really good seats close to the stage and her older sister was going with her. To this day she talks about that night and how much she loved it and it was the best gift ever! I have found that they release tickets closer to the date of the concert and have been able to get really good seats that way several times. So glad that you all had a wonderful time at the concert and hope there are many more to come! ~Lisa

  3. How great that you all had such a wonderful time. If only Taylor knew how happy she made all of you.

  4. Pink finally came to Alabama last Friday. Wow! That was an awesome show! I hope I get to see her again.
    Paige from Alabama,USA

  5. That looked SO awesome!! Im glad the boys loved it so much. It must have been so loud!!


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