Sunday, 30 October 2011

KMHS remembers Noah

On the day of Noah's funeral, Kings Meadows High School's grade 8 students (Aaron is the acting AST for grade 8) had a special ceremony to remember Noah.  Aaron heard that they were doing it, and quietly slipped away during the refreshments after Noah's funeral so he could be there for it.   Chrish and Alison went with him and took photos for us.

He was so glad that he could be there, and it was so nice for him to see how much support and love he had from his grade and school.  They all stood in a circle and had a minute silence first.

They then released balloons.

Supposedly all the students lined up to give Aaron a hug, and some boys even joined the line again to give him a second one.

Aaron has just had a couple of days back at school over the last couple of weeks, but hasn't taught yet.  He is having at least one more week off and will hopefully be ready to go back on class by then. We are so grateful for the support that our family is being shown right now.  During the week Aaron even got a phone call from the Secretary from the Department of Education to pass on their condolences.  It's nice that he doesn't feel like he is being rushed back into work, especially when he doesn't feel ready to teach just yet.


  1. That is so touching, and goes to show how loved and respected Aaron is at the school.
    Love Mum.

  2. So much love...that boy has generated SO much love! (Noah) Although Kingy generates almost as much. :)

  3. Evidence that Mr King is an amazing teacher and loved by students and teachers alike.


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