Friday, 14 October 2011

Noah's Body Sleeps Here

This morning I woke up dreading today as I realised that Noah's funeral was over, he was still gone and that everyone else is getting on with their lives and we have to also....without him.

Last night we planned on keeping busy today, and that included visiting his grave.

I love where he is buried and the flowers looked so beautiful sitting on the top.

We sat at his grave talking and thinking about what has happened over the last week.

I've always wondered how I would feel about visiting Noah's grave and today it was actually nice, especially as it was such a beautiful day - almost like yesterday.   It was nice to know that Noah's body was right there, but I don't feel like it's going to be a place that I go to feel closer to Noah.  I feel like he is with us still especially when we are at home.

For the first time in a week Kobe asked us this morning 'where's Hoha?' (he can so 'no' but can't seem to say it when he say's Noah's name yet:) and we reminded him that he passed away and that we had his funeral and is now living with Heavenly Father.

 He then said 'he's in the hole'. Yes his body is 'in the hole' but his spirit isn't. 

We feel sad that Kobe won't really remember Noah as he gets older, but are so glad that we have so many photos and blog posts for him to look back on as he gets older.  I'm sure the photos will remind him of different times with Noah and will realise what a special part of our family Noah will always be.

When Noah was a baby Simone and I knew each other, but we weren't very close. It meant so much to me that she came up to me one day with a lovely gift that she had bought for him at Salamanca Market - a beautiful little plaque that says 'Noah Sleeps Here' on it.  Since we got it, it has been in his room sitting with the rest of his special things and I remember at the time thinking that I would probably use in sometime at his grave after he passed away.  I know it sounds awful now, but for ten years I have always had in the back of my mind (and sometimes that was all I could think about) that Noah was going to one day pass away.

Until we get Noah's headstone done, the plaque is sitting at the head of his grave.  Noah's body does sleep there, but his spirit lives on, and I'm so glad that I know that because without knowing that, I can't imagine how much harder this would be right now.


  1. Kobe looks so reflective. Yesterday was so busy, it must be nice to sit with Noah today. I remember getting that plaque. It leapt out at me because it said Noah. Like I said this morning, I as under his spell even then. xx

  2. That area of the cemetery really is such a beautiful place. Such a peaceful feeling there, I'm glad that it feels right to you also. Glad you got to spend some quiet time together today. xxx

    P.S. I was just thinking today that Kobe (and Jay & Harri) have the BEST stories recorded for them with the most amazing detail and beautiful photographs...I reckon you've got quite a few novels worth on the blog!!

  3. Once again thank you for sharing .... just beautiful.

  4. I feel the same way. I'm not attached to Ben's grave because there are no memories there, just his body. I love being home, surrounded by all the pictures on the wall and sitting in his giant beanbag where he spent a lot of his days. Noah's resting place is beautiful. And the I love your perspective Lisa...I love your strength...

  5. Oh what a beautiful place your your Noah. The flowers are gorgeous... and the spirit you have with you is inspiring.

  6. Love you Lisa and Aaron. The days ahead will be hard, filled with wonderful memories, but empty without Noah to care for in your arms. I remember the days after ^Emily^ went Home were long and very sad for our family....Please know we will be keeping you all in our prayers. May you find peace in the knowledge that Noah is close by and watching over you all in your days of grief and adjustment.
    Angela and Chrissy

  7. yes it is a beautiful restful place for Noah...How bessed your family is to have that knowledge that you will be with him again and he will be even more perfect than he was...


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