Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I wouldn't be the person I am today (Jalen's Talk at Noah's funeral)

Before Noah passed away there are so many things that were preparing us that Noah may not be around for much longer. Just a few weeks before Noah passed away Jay and I were travelling somewhere in the van together and he asked me how long I thought Noah would be alive for. I told him maybe a year or two more (not wanting to worry him) and he then said 'I think he's going to die soon'. My heart sank as I had been thinking the same thing and thought that if Jay was having the same feelings, then we were probably both being prepared for it.

The next day at home Jay said to me just casually 'when Noah dies I want to talk at his funeral Mum'. I had no doubt that he would so when he sat down to write his own talk for Noah's funeral I was so proud of him for the things that he wanted to share with everyone.  This is his talk which he gave so confidently and had everyone not only crying but also laughing with the funny stories he told.

Some people may think it’s a bad thing to have a brother who is disabled, but I don’t think it is at all. For the past ten years we have had a lot of great things happen to us, because Noah was my brother and I wanted to share some of those things with you today.

St giles were so nice to offer us a stay at their shack for the summer holidays. I remember this one particular time when we went down we were taking the windy route and I felt a bit sick so I undid my seat belt and must of accidently took off Noah’s.  I got out of the car to get some air and we went back in and set off again. Later on I was minding my own business and looked at where Noah was sitting and he wasn’t there. I said ‘Mum where’s Noah!?’ and she was panicking and thought he fell out the window, but I looked down and there he was in his car seat, fallen down between the front and back seats!

One year we were so lucky to go to the Gold Coast thanks to make a wish. We woke up nice and early and got picked up in a limousine. When we got there it was exciting as we got to go to all the theme parks.  It was amazing and I am sure Noah had lots of fun. It was nice to have some special and fun memories with Noah.

Noah has given us so many blessings in our lives, like we got to meet amazing people like Di and Alison - Noah’s two amazing carers. We got to go on Holidays to St Helens and to the Gold Coast and he has just been the star of my life.

At times I said to mum I wish Noah wasn’t disabled so I can have a brother about my age to play with, but now I regret saying that because of all the blessings we got. Noah has been an amazing part in my life and if it wasn’t for him I would not be the person I am today. I just now know everyone is equal no matter how big or small or smart or not as intelligent.

Noah has changed heaps of peoples lives every where in the world! And he has also made some great friends as well - just look how many people are here today. Noah will always be in my heart and I will always love him, and I can’t wait to see him again someday.

I love you Noah. 


  1. Ahhhh! Jalen! So teary. AGAIN.

  2. How proud I am of Jae.
    I see how all the younger grandchildren seek him out to play, and he is always so patient with them.
    After Noah's funeral he was showing Maddi, Chloe and Kels some magic tricks, and they thought he was awesome.
    Jae has an exciting mission ahead of him in this life, and I am excited to see what he does, and what he accomplishes.
    I love him so much.
    Love Mum.

  3. As i sat and listened to Jay's talk, i was amazed at his confidence and maturity. He is such a beautiful boy, and he made my cry and then cry some more. beautiful talk.

  4. Not only is Jay handsome but caring, compassionate and humble. What a great team the Kings are, no wonder Noah defied the odds.
    I am finding your strength to tell your story truly remarkable and can't stop reading- again!

  5. Only because of what's happened will I forgive Jalen for putting two Ls in my name. Tsk tsk.

  6. So beautifully delivered. I actually could understand most of his talk...he had me in tears that night!

  7. Jay, you are an awesome big brother, love your talk about Noah xx


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