Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Jalen's slideshow for Noah's funeral

Jalen really wanted to make the slideshow for Noah's funeral and spent hours putting it together the day and night before.   We had it playing in the foyer as people came into the church and also in the hall afterwards.  There were so many photos that he did it to a few different songs, and chose all the songs himself and decided on everything for it.

It was hard seeing him make it, with tears streaming down his face as he listened to the music and saw all the photos of Noah throughout the years.  He kept saying 'I really miss Noah's smile that he used to have when he was little Mum' and I said I did too and said that it just showed us how tired he was as he got older, and how it was harder for him to smile a lot, because his health wasn't as good. 

The clip is quite long, but there are lots of lovely video clips of Noah at different ages which make me smile so much.



  1. What a beautiful tribute, for a beautiful boy. Noah has truly touched my heart.

  2. Jalen, you did an absolutely brilliant job putting that together. I've decided not to sue you for copyright, even though I saw at least TWO of my images ;)
    I was amazed at how much he smiled when he was little. What precious memories you have to keep. How lucky your mum is so diligent at keeping up with family photos and videos.
    Fiona. x

  3. Jalen did a fabulous job putting together the video clip. Beautiful.

  4. What a tribute! Noah lived. He was loved, and loved back. Who needs a voice with those eyes. For 10 years you held an angel. May the angels hold you on high (no, doubt they will) He was defintely part of the family, he was loved for who he was. Not what he could do. He was lucky to have all of you for family. Nothing like unconditional love to give it or receive it.
    God be with you,

    Atlantic Canada Mama

  5. I could only get half way through it today :-( But Jay has done a great job with the whole thing. Music fit really well too! Love you guys x

  6. That is so beautiful Jalen, you are the loveliest brother anyone could ever hope to have.

  7. What a beautiful video clip - well done Jalen. It made me cry. What a wonderful loving family you are You will meet again "somewhere over the rainbow"

  8. Jalen did a fantastic job with the slideshow. It was lovely seeing the pictures of Noah and the music was fantastic. What a wonderful, kind and thoughtful brother he is. Good job Jalen, and I am sure Noah is proud of you and what you have done :)

  9. Jalen you did a brilliant job loved every second of it and the music was perfect. Proud of you

  10. You have so many lovely memories as a family.
    Such a beautiful slideshow Jalen. I was in tears

  11. Oh that was so beautiful! What a sweet tribute to your Noah. So touching I was in tears.


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