Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Noah will sidestep (Harri's talk)

The night before Noah's funeral Harri started crying and said that he wanted to say something about Noah at the funeral. I asked him what he wanted to say and he told me it word for word and it almost brought Aaron and I to tears. He typed it up on the computer all by himself, and I didn't have the heart to change anything, including the spelling mistake as it was so perfect and straight from him.

This is his talk which he gave so well. He made everyone smile with his 'sidestep' comment as it's not usually something that you think would be the most exciting thing to do if your body was perfect :) It brought many people to tears including our Bishop who was obviously very touched by it.

My brother Noah was a special person.
He was a special person because he sits in a wheel chair.
He’s good at making friends.
He makes people very happy.
He is really presious.
When Jesus comes back on earth Noah will be resurrected.  He will get to run skip and jump and sidestep.
I love you Noah


  1. Love the pureness of the boys wanting Noah to do normal boy things with his perfect body.

  2. so sweet - I quoted harri in my talk last week! x

  3. For about 500 people 'sidestep' has now taken on a new meaning. Noone will ever be able to say that again without me being reminded of Harri's most heartfelt talk. Xx

  4. I agree Simone and I wasn't able to be there! Lisa, I'm glad you didn't edit it at all :-)

  5. He did such a wonderful job! Precious, lots of friends! That's totally Noah! Haz is a deep guy!

    Kobe and Jay look so alike in that photo, and Kobe looks like he's making your pretend cranky face! :P

  6. and just when I thought I had stopped crying!

  7. So perfect and innocent. Beautiful.

  8. Such a beautiful talk from a loving brother and straight from the heart. My sympathy to all of you and your families. My heart goes out to you. Noah and Ben (my great nephew) are together now.

  9. Hari is the other best ever you Hari XXXX

  10. I love you Harri.
    Love Grandma

  11. Harri's talk made me cry and cry. You are awesome Haz xx


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