Saturday, 3 October 2015

3 Peat!

I never really understood Aaron's obsession with footy and the Hawks, but when he passed away I felt like I needed to keep it up, especially for Harri.  I always went along to games here in Tassie because it was a fun thing to do as a family, but I wasn't really into it.  When Aaron passed away Harri was really upset that he wasn't able to watch Friday night footy with him anymore.  That was their special thing that they did together, and it really hit him hard every Friday night. 

I told Harri that I would start watching the footy with him, and after we started doing that I found myself getting into the footy (almost) as much as Aaron.  I even surprised myself that I began to know all the Hawks players names.  What started out as a pain, turned into something fun as I found myself enjoying taking the boys to the games and training.  It was something that made us feel close to Aaron, as we kept saying things like 'imagine what Dad would be doing right now', during the games.

We have been very blessed as a family to have had some special experiences thanks to the Hawthorn Football Club, and they even donated money to us when there was a fundraiser after Aaron passed away.  I can only imagine looking down and how excited he would be to see the things we have been able to do.  Harri got to run through the banner, I was able to toss the coin at a game, we have met players at special events, and got to go on a special tour of the Ricoh centre in Victoria.  It's what makes us love the club and team even more, because they really are the 'family club'. 
A month ago Hawthorn came to Tasmania to play their last game for the year here.  I was having lunch with my cousin Tim and his wife Helene at our favourite place, and while we were eating I looked out the window and noticed a bus pull up to the hotel next door. It took me a few seconds to register, but I remember grabbing both of them and yelling 'it's Hawthorn!!' as I saw all the players getting off the bus.  I tried to calm down, but started to get a little excited about spotting Hodgey (Luke Hodge who is the captain) as I have just a little crush on him ;)  Tim yelled 'come on!' and jumped up to run out with me so we could go and get a photo.  At first I was like 'no I can't! and sat down, but then realised that it was a great chance to say hi without crowds around, so we ran up to the bus.  Hodgey was really lovely and friendly and happy for us to get a photo. I think my heart was racing the rest of the day!

The next day the game was on and Tim and his son Arden sat with us.  Aaron's Dad also came along and it was a fun afternoon, and a great game with Hawks winning. 

We have been joking that Aaron must've had some kind of football influence 'upstairs' because since he passed away, Hawthorn have been the grand final every year.  We really didn't think that they could get in again this year, even though they have had a pretty good year.  We were very nervous watching the preliminary final last week.  Kobe was all ready with all his Hawks teddies and got all his football cards out like he does every game.  I am amazed that even though Aaron isn't here, Harri and Kobe know so much about all the players (not just Hawthorn players) and can tell you statistics from so many games, even from years ago. 
We were so excited that Hawthorn won the preliminary final and got into the grand final.  Yesterday we went up to the cemetery and put a Hawks flag at Aaron and Noah's graves.

The boys love grand final week almost as much as Aaron used to, and Harri and Kobe had a little bet with my brother Eden about who was going to win the Browlow medal this year.  Kobe was very excited that his predicition was right, and Uncle Eden paid up the chocolate bar today. 
We were at my Mum's today to watch the grand final, and had Pepsi for Aaron (thanks to his friend Kristy for the ongoing bet she had with Aaron - she owed us some Pepsi as Hawthorn once again beat Collingwood).
My cousin Ty had invited us along to a grand final get together that he organised.  He hired out the local sports centre, so there was lots of room for people to watch the game, and the kids could run around and play together.  I wanted to watch with Mum and also go to the get together, so we watched the first quarter with Mum at her house (she was keen to stay at home to watch the whole game) and then we went to watch two quarters with everyone else.  Most of them were going for the Eagles, so we were happy that Hawthorn were playing so well and were ahead the whole game. 
Ty is heaps of fun and is very funny, so he had the boys cracking up at all his jokes during the game. 
 At half time we had fun having a kick of the footy with everyone. 

 Kobe and I went back to watch the last quarter with Mum and were so happy that Hawthorn won their third grand final in a row - and by 46 points! I tipped them by 45 so won a block of chocolate from Mum :)
I don't think Kobe realises how lucky he is to have his team win three grand finals in a row.  Some people don't see that in their entire life.  We keep saying how excited Aaron would be right now, and wish he were here to yell and scream, just like we do for him now.  


  1. Pretty special hey??? I'm sure Aaron has something to do with all Hawthorns success!!!

  2. I am sure Aaron is looking down, wishing he was here to enjoy it with you :)


  3. As an Eagles fan, I was thinking of you and your family this weekend and how much you would have loved the experience!

    1. I always feel sad for the team that loses and was the same on Saturdsy, but of course we were over the moon that Hawks won again. Everyone keeps saying what a boring game it was, but it wasn't for Hawks fans. Hopefully Eagles will be back next year.

  4. I live in Cape Town and have NO idea about this sport (as its not rugby or soccer) but my sister who lives in the Gold Coast messaged me to say "Hawthorn won" and we were both so pleased for "Lisa and the boys" even though we don't know you! So there was a little celebration on the other side of the world. xx

    1. It makes us smile when we hear how many people around the world are happy that Hawthorn won, because they know we would be happy :)


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