Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Back to It

It's ridiculous how fast two weeks of school holidays can go. I used to dread holidays as the days were very long as we tried to keep busy without Aaron and Noah, but now we enjoy the breather from school and work, and time to catch up on things at home.

The boys convinced me that we should have Maccas for tea on the last day of school last term.  It didn't take much for them to convince me, as it's such a pain having to cook every single night.  

We ended up having take away way too much on the holidays, but it was great to have a break from the regular routine.

My brother Jared and his wife Becky and their family have moved down South, so we were excited to catch up with them on the holidays as well as my brother Eden and his wife Steph and their kids. It's always loud when the cousins are all together, but lots of fun.  
I was grateful that I got to go to the cemetery to meet up with others, to remember Emma who passed away 12 months ago.  Her Mum put a call out on Facebook asking anyone who wanted to remember her, to eat a Mars Bar that day as it was something she asked to have, just before she passed away.  Emma was only in her twenties, and passed away from cancer.
We not only ate Mars Bars but also put them on her grave :) It was nice to spend some time with her Mum, Carolyne and to have some laughs on what would've been a harder day than usual. 
 Emma's grave isn't too far from Aaron and Noah's. 
Jay did a little bit of driving, and went for a few professional lessons as well.  He always comes home really happy and confident afterwards, as the guy has taken him around to lots of different places. 
We enjoyed a few days at my Mum's house, and made a day trip to see the tulip farm and Guide Falls while we were there.  The boys always love going to the pool at Shearwater when we are there.  Well two of them do!

We were lucky that my brother Jared was also staying there at the same time.  Kobe was so excited that Uncle Jared helped him put together his model plane.

To get ready for the footy grand final we went and decorated Aaron and Noah's graves, with new Hawthorn flags.
One day Harri and Kobe went to the movies with some friends, so Jay and I had a lovely quiet day together. We cracked ourselves up as we tried on Halloween masks at Shiploads.
We feel very lucky that the Tasmanian government sponsor Hawthorn, as it meant that the whole team came back down to Tasmania after their grand final win.  Our friend Carolyne got an email from the Cancer Council inviting her to a special meeting of some Hawks players, but she's not a Hawthorn fan, but knew who was :) She rang me to ask if Harri would like to go along with her, and we were very lucky that they also let Kobe and I stay as well.

Afterwards we went to the Silverdome to see the whole team, and the three cups from the last three grand finals. 
Harri was excited to spend his birthday and pocket money on some Hawks merchandise.  
The boys were pumped that there were Krispy Kreme donuts there, as we don't have them in Tassie. 
While we were there a photographer from The Examiner asked to take our photo, and Kobe was so excited to show me that it was in the paper yesterday. His teacher had spotted it and be brought it home to show me.  
It's been nice to see the trampoline being used again.  We got it last summer holidays, and the boys had stopped using it when it got cold.  Now they can't seem to get enough of it again.  
One job I really wanted to get done over the holidays was to get my veggie garden sorted.  I had three garden beds which friends had helped us put in when we moved house, but the wood had all fallen to pieces, so I knew I would have to get new ones made.  I had been stressing about it for a little while, wondering how I would do it, and in the holidays I decided to just go out and get the stuff and try to do it myself.  
It took most of the day, but I was so happy and proud when it was finished. The boys and I then went out and bought all our summer veggies and put the in.  
It was nice for the boys to hang out with their cousins one afternoon.  Seeing the monkeys at City Park never gets old. 
Even though we didn't go too far from home in the holidays, we were still very busy so the time flew.  It's hard to believe that we are already back at school and work.  Hopefully this term will fly by, as we were very lucky with beautiful weather these holidays, so we are already hanging out for summer.  

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