Saturday, 10 October 2015

Tulips and Waterfalls

We are just about to finish two weeks of school holidays, and they have gone so fast! It's been a crazy year with the Mother of the Year awards and speaking at Time Out For Women in Sydney, so I have been feeling like I have just wanted to stay at 'home' and catch up on things here, so we planned on not doing very much, and staying within a couple of hours of home.

Every year I want to go to the tulip festival at Wynyard, but we have never made it there, so when Alison said that she was keen to go, and I knew that we would be staying at my Mum's which is half way there, we decided to join her for a day trip. 

Harri and Kobe were excited to do the kid's treasure hunt and searched for clues around the tulips.

Jay just tried to look cool and like he was excited about seeing thousands of beautiful flowers in the same spot ;)

Kobe was loving it and kept asking me if he could use my phone to take photos, as he had some good ideas for photos. 

When he saw me getting some close up shots he said 'that's my idea Mum! You and me have the same ideas for photos!'.

Alison suggested it would be a good spot to take a new photo for my spring blog header, so we grabbed our canvases of Aaron and Noah to take with us.  Family photos just aren't right without them in it too.

Thanks for taking some photos for us Alison - you can never have too many :)

 Mum was buying bulbs while we took a selfie.
We went back to Burnie and had lunch on the beach, and I suggested that it would be nice to visit Guide Falls before we went back to Mum's.  We went there last year with my sister and sister in laws and their kids, and we loved it.  Kobe didn't think it was such a good idea, as he was keen to get back to Mum's house. Check out his grumpy face! Little rat bag! You would think I had suggested that he gets tortured all day or something!

Once we got there, he decided it wasn't so bad.  We were so lucky with the weather these holidays, and are getting excited about summer already!

It was nice to be able to stay at Mum's for a few days, as it's not too far from home, but we can also go out and do lots of things close by.


  1. Your photos of the flowers are gorgeous!

    1. Thank you - I actually pulled out my good camera for once, instead of just using my phone :)

  2. Sorry to Paige - I accidentally deleted your comment and now I can't get it back :(

  3. My favorites of your photos were the four of you in the purple iris flowers, the four of you in front of the waterfall and the last one of your mom on her phone or tablet! You all look so happy and you're sure looking slim! Looks like lots of fun! ~Lisa from Oregon


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