Saturday, 31 October 2015


Halloween continues to get bigger and bigger in Tasmania.  Years ago only people who planned their own parties seemed to celebrate Halloween, but now there's lots of Halloween things in the shops, including pumpkins that you can carve.

Kobe keeps asking if we can do something for Halloween, but we didn't have anything planned this year.  My friends - Bec and Tony live in a new(ish) sub division and Bec is one of those people who just gets out there and gets things happening. When they first built their house, there were lots of other new families around.  Bec decided to drop a note in everyone's mailboxes, to suggest that having a little Christmas get together at the park would be fun. 

Since then they have gotten to know everyone, and as more families move in, they have continued to get together for Christmas, Easter and now Halloween.  Yesterday in our local newspaper, they ran a little story about how the homes in the subdivision has organised for the families in the area to go Trick or Treating to each other's homes.

I knew that Kobe and Harri would love it, so I invited myself along and Bec was lovely in letting us join in on the fun.  Luckily we have a heap of dress ups at home, so the boys chose what they wanted to be this afternoon.  Kobe went as Ironman and Harri went as Darth Vadar. Jalen was at a friend's birthday dinner, which I'm sure he was happy about, but I have no doubt he would've liked to join in with the little kids ;)  The boys loved being able to join in with Annie and Thomas, although earlier in the day Kobe started crying, saying he felt nervous about it.   I think he was just worried as he didn't know what to expect, and knew that he wouldn't know many people there. 

All of the houses had been given orange balloons, and if they wanted to join in, they put the balloons outside.

Kobe checking out Annie's stash!

There were lots of witches walking the streets!
Harri was very impressed with the homemade Batman cookies :)  Both boys came home with their buckets full of lollies.

Thanks for letting us for gate crash your lovely neigbourhood's fun Bec.  Kobe is already asking if we can do it again next year!


  1. Happy Halloween from Montreal, Canada! First, I must say the house on your pictures are amazing! The ballons idea is very nice. Here we decorate the outside of the house. That means that we want to participate. When the lights are closed, that means that there is no more candy! I also envy your Halloween weather. We wait until it's dark to go out. It's autumn here and will be cold tonight. The kids will wear extra layers under their costumes. We would never offer homemade treats. If our kids were to get some, we would not eat them since we don't visit only neighbours that we know.... Great post!

    1. It's so fun to hear about your Halloween. If we waited till dark here (it's daylight savings) it would be very late. We wouldn't take homemade things from people we didn't know either. This neighbourhood are all friends and get together all the time, so it was nice to be a part of it. They all have beautiful new homes, and I came home to my 41 year old house, wishing it was sparkling and new like theirs :)


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