Friday, 3 July 2015

MOTY Recognition

The excitement of the Mother of the Year awards is dying down, and it's hard to go back to normal life, because let's face it - nothing is ever going to be as exciting as this year!  It's not every day you get such a lovely recognition, are in national magazines and on national television, get to hang out with celebrities or hang with the Prime Minister at his home. 

So it's lovely when friends send me pics like this - they spotted me in the Woman's Day magazine at the doctors surgery.   It makes it feels like it's not all over just yet.
It's also lovely to have received more letters from politicians in the mail.  Over the last month I have received letters from three politicians including the Premier Will Hodgman who presented me the Tasmanian Mother of the Year award.   I had to laugh when I saw he crossed out 'Mrs King' and changed it to Lisa.  We are obviously on first name basis now! ;)
Before the national awards in Sydney, I was contacted by someone who works for Rosemary Armitage.  She said that Rosemary wanted to do a 'special interest' speech about the award and our family, and asked if I was happy for her to.  I met with them and was interviewed for about an hour, and Rosemary gave the speech after the national awards.  I have no idea about politics, so I had no idea that politicians give speeches about things like this in parliament.  If you click on the picture you can watch the video of Rosemary's speech.
I also received a letter from Andrew Nikolic who spoke in Federal parliament about me! It's overwhelming to receive so much recognition, but it's also lovely to know that my community is proud of how we have dealt with our circumstances. 

It was also lovely to get a special package in the mail from Magdelena Photography with the portraits that she took of Jalen and I, on the morning of the national award.  I love the ones of Jay, but am not keen on the ones of me - not because they're awful photos, but just because I had so much makeup put on and I don't usually wear a lot, so I just look at the photos and don't think it looks like me.  
Someone from our church who writes articles for public affairs, also sent in an article to Mormon Newsroom Australia.  It was published a few weeks ago. You can read it here or by clicking on the picture below.
We had parent teacher interviews at school this week, and Harri was showing me some of his work books (I feel like I see less of what's the boys are doing at school, now that I'm working at the same school as I don't make the effort to go into their classrooms as much, as I just get into work mode).
This journal entry made me smile so much.  When I came off the stage after the national Mother of the Year award was announced that it was Leanne from Queensland, Harri put his arm around me and said 'you're still the Mother of the Year to me Mum', and that's better than any award :)
It's been nice that the excitement and recognition has spread out over a few months, but unfortunately life has to get back to normal.  Even though it's all over, I know it's always going to be something that will always give us a boost, as we remember how lucky we were to be a part of such a special experience.


  1. and we also get to listen to you at Time Out for Women in Sydney this year :)


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