Saturday, 25 July 2015

Light Fun

For a while I have wanted to get a light box as I thought it would be fun to put different words up to display at home, and thought it would also be great for school, as the kids could make different words on it.   I had my eye on one that they had at Kmart, but every time I would go in they would be sold out. 

Last week they happened to have a few in so I grabbed one and was excited to set it up. 
 The boys absolutely loved it and kept asking me if they could get one for their rooms.  They had heaps of fun changing the words on it the first night, and cracked me up when they put this on it the night that Hawks played against the Swans.
Yesterday I was at Kmart again and they had a heap back in, so I grabbed the boys one each for their bedrooms.  I set them up before they got home with 'I love you ...' on them and put them in their bedrooms as a surprise.  When they got home from school Harri went up to his room, and came down screaming 'thank you, thank you, thank you Mum!!' and was so excited about it as he ran downstairs with his. 
Kobe then burst into tears because he thought he didn't get one, so there was a couple of minutes of drama before he realised that he also had one!
Kobe took his up to his bedroom and within a few minutes he came down with this. He had changed the words :)
Jalen was excited about his, but before I could get a photo of him with it, he had changed the words! I had no idea what this meant and he kept saying 'I can't believe you don't know this quote!' (from The Emperors New Groove).  I'm obviously getting way too old to keep up with teenagers these days! ;)
This morning I walked Kobe's room and his light box was on the floor, with all the letters every where and he was no where to be seen. I asked him what he was doing with it and he said he was trying to write 'you've been the best Mum ever' but it only had 3 'E's so he couldn't do it.  And that's why he's my favourite! ;)
Kobe has been begging me for ages to make chocolate chip cookies.  I hate baking (another reason why I shouldn't have been 'Mother of the Year'!) so yesterday I promised him that we would make some today.  He cracked me up when he came out with this on his light box!
How could I say no!?
 Harri very quickly changed his to have names of his favourite soccer players.
This afternoon Kobe asked me where my letters were as he wanted another 'F'. I told him where they were and found this in his bedroom :)
It will be fun to see what else the boys  put on theirs, or if the novelty will wear off :)


  1. so so so good! Love all the letters on the floor! I HAVE to keep my letters in order in a box!

  2. Love it! Baking or no baking, you're a great mum!


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