Saturday, 4 July 2015

Another 4 eyes!

Yep - we have another four eyes in the family! About a month ago Jalen started to complain that his eyes were a bit sore, and that he was having trouble seeing writing from far away.  He said that people could read writing on the whiteboard, but he couldn't make out what it said.

I took him to the optometrist that I went to when I got my glasses and I was surprised as to how he couldn't read the chart very well at all. 

The optometrist said that he wasn't too bad, but that glasses would definitely help when he was trying to read things at school, so we decided to get them. Jay always loved trying on Aaron or my glasses, and we always thought they suited him, so he wasn't at all worried about having to get them.  He was actually really excited about it, and knew exactly which kind of frames he wanted.
Harri and Kobe were very jealous when he went to pick up his frames.  Harri kept complaining about how he wanted glasses too! We couldn't resist taking a selfie in the shop (and yes Kobe is for sale if anyone wants him! ;)

I think Jay looks very trendy in his new glasses.  He is saying how nice it is to be able to see things at school again. 


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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