Sunday, 19 July 2015

Holidays are Over

It wasn't long ago when I absolutely dreaded weekends and school holidays.  After Aaron passed away, the days were suddenly very long, so it meant that weekends and school holidays were extremely long and hard with Aaron and Noah around.

Now that I'm back teaching I absolutely hang out for a break, even though I'm only working part time.  I just find that it's still so hard to keep on top of everything and I'm always so tired, so now I hang out for weekends and holidays, rather than dread them.  The days can still be long if we don't keep busy, but it's just so nice to have a break to feel like we can breath a little again. 

We go back to school tomorrow after two weeks off, and I can't believe how fast the last two weeks went!  The first week we were busy helping Mum after she broke her arm, and this week we tried have some fun in between catching up on things at home.    I'm feeling a bit frantic with preparing to speak at Time Out For Women in Sydney in a few weeks, but luckily during the holidays I was able to get most of the preparation done for it. 

We were excited to go to my cousin's house for tea one night and catch up with them and my other cousin and her kids who were down from Canberra.  We spent some time with them in Canberra last year and since then the boys keep asking when we can go back. It was nice to see them all pick up where they left off. 
Harri has some really lovely friends from school, and one of them moved away to Victoria a couple of years ago.  Harri was excited to hear that Mia was coming down for the holidays, so we took a couple of his best friends to Airtime to catch up with her. 
Although it's winter and we've had some cool days, it's also been sunny, so we have made the most of it by getting outside when we can.  We had fun at Sliders one afternoon. 
Kobe absolutely cracks me up as he thinks he's such a dare devil holding on with one hand! He cracked me up when he yelled 'One hander! That's what I'm talking about mate!'. 
 There's nothing better than a $1 frozen coke (or sour apple for some!) for a treat. 
Kobe and Harri were very excited to have a sleepover at their cousin's house one night.  Jay and I had such a quiet night, and had a sneaky night of takeaway without them :)
We went back to Mum's later this week to stock her up with food and spend some time with her, and made the most of the lovely sunny day to have a play at the beach.
I can't believe that holidays are over and we are back to school already.  I'm already hanging out for the next holiday.


  1. Lisa, you take such beautiful photos! The photos at the beach are just stunning, especially of Milly with Harri (I think it's Harri!). Glad to hear you enjoyed the holiday break and are starting the new term relaxed and refreshed.


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