Wednesday, 24 June 2015

The Sporty One

Because of Noah's condition, Aaron and I didn't really encourage the boys to play a lot of sport when they were little.  It was just too hard to commit to much, when we weren't sure how Noah's health or mood would be from day to day.  
It's hard not to compare yourself to other families though when you know so many kids play multiple sports during the week, and you wonder whether your kids are missing out by not doing the same thing. 

In saying that, even if Noah wasn't disabled, I'm not sure that I would've encouraged the boys to do too much anyway, because I think that it's also important for kids to just have down time.

When Aaron was still here Jalen played basketball, and Harri started Auskick (which I dragged myself to after Aaron passed away as I hated the early winter mornings) and they both started drama which we were happy about even though it's not a sport, but they've both since given it up.

Harri is definitely the sporty one in our family, and would play a sport every night of the week if I let him (and could afford it!) .  He's one of those kids where it just come naturally to him. 

Harri is so happy this year as I've finally started to do feel like I can cope with taking more on, which means he gets to play more sport.   Before now I haven't been discouraging the boys, but also haven't been encouraging them to do much after school and on the weekends.  I found that just starting back teaching was enough for a little bit, and I don't think I could've coped if I was running around every night after school as well.

Last year Harri started playing basketball at the YMCA with a few friends from school.  It was very casual and even though it was his first year playing, he picked it up very quickly and soon felt like he wanted to move on from there.  This year he is loving playing club basketball with 7 of his friends from school.  
One of the boy's Dad coaches the team and does such a great job with the boys. They all love him, and I love watching him interact with Harri.  It means so much when men treat my boys so well, now that Aaron isn't here. 
Harri kept begging me to play soccer during the summer holidays, and I knew that it was a winter sport and wasn't at all keen to be standing out in the cold and rain on a Saturday, like it was with Auskick. I actually thought that he would forget about it and would stop asking, but just before the soccer season started, he asked if I had enrolled him to play yet.  I kept forgetting to do it, but when he asked me for (almost) the hundredth time I got onto it. 

He joined a local club team and didn't know any of the kids on his team when he started, but it has been so nice to watch him make friends so easily and quickly with the boys on his team.  He loves training and playing once a week, and loves his coach. 

Our school recently had their cross country, and Harri usually does pretty well in it, but he was surprised that he came third this year (better than he usually does).  I told him it must be because he's getting fitter with all the sport he's been playing. 
He was excited to represent his school in the LSSSA (inter school cross country) and it was nice that he got to see his cousin Jai there, who was running for his school in a different race. 
Harri said he wanted to come 9th or better, because that's what he usually came, so he was very surprised and happy (and so was I!) when he came 4th!
One of the teachers made a comment to him to imagine how well he would go if he actually did some training, and that inspired him to give the Parkrun a go the next weekend with Jai, as he and his family do it every couple of weeks. 
They both did really well, and Harri is keen to keep running regularly, in between playing basketball and soccer (if he can fit it in). 
It's been nice to see Harri so happy doing the things he loves, and I'm surprised that I don't actually dread going to watch him play soccer on a cold Saturday morning. It's worth standing in the cold, wind and rain to see him so happy. 


  1. Lisa,

    Savor every valuable minute with those beautiful boys of yours. Before long, they will be leaving for their sport in their own car and probably won't feel the need to wake you on a Saturday morning. Time flies. Keep up the great parenting!

  2. GO HARRI!!! He looks so happy :)


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