Monday, 1 September 2014

Double Figures

Today Harri is 10.  I can't believe I have three boys in double figures!  He has been hanging out for his birthday for months.  He hasn't had a party with friends since he was seven, so had been asking if he could have a party this year.   I'm not a fan of parties, especially when I have to do them on my own, but I knew how much it meant to Harri, so told him that he could have one this year. 

He decided to have it at Zone 3 so he could play laser tag with his mates.  He has some lovely friends in his class at school and it was nice to have them celebrate with him on Saturday. 
He loved having a party with his friends, and all the stress was worth seeing him so happy. 
The lovely Cupcake Fairy, Nicole made him an awesome birthday cake.  He is so obsessed with basketball, so he asked for a Miami Heat cake. I was very grateful that I didn't have to worry about a party as well as the cake - thanks Nic :)
He woke up early this morning and came running into my room saying 'it's finally my birthday!'.   He couldn't wait for Jay and Kobe to wake up, so he could open up his presents.
The birthday person always gets to choose what we have for tea, so of course Harri chose Maccas.
On Saturday I realised I didn't have a card for him, so I told him I didn't have a card to see what he would say.  He cracked me up because he said 'well, that's disappointing! Usually a family at least gives their child a card to let them know how much they care!'.   Talk about make me feel guilty!  So I had to jump back in the car to get him a card, even though we had been out all day.  Kobe came home from school with a cute card he made for Harri, so I don't think he will have any doubts about whether Kobe cares :) 
Harri was more than happy to choose a mud cake from the supermarket for tonight.  
He went to bed very happy and told me it was his best birthday ever, because he got to have a party with his friends, and had a great day today.  Birthdays are really hard, so I'm glad he was able to have a happy day.  I'm just glad that it's over.   It's hard having to plan for birthdays by myself, and to put on a happy face so the boys have a good day.  It's days like today when I really wish Aaron was here. 


  1. What a great day Harri had. One day when the boys are men they will sit you down and say Mum words can't express what you did for us make birthdays, holidays, just every day so special while your heart continued to ache for Dad. xo

  2. But you did it and you did it well!! Good on you for making Harri's day so special.

  3. My son turned 10 on September 2nd. Looks like he had a wonderful birthday- you are doing a wonderful job.


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