Saturday, 30 August 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge

How funny is the ice bucket challenge that is going around at the moment!? In Australia the ALS ice bucket challenge is known as the MND ice bucket challenge.  It's such a fun way to raise money and awareness for such a great cause, and some people have decided to use it to raise money for other causes.  I've heard a few people complain about the ice bucket challenge, but I think it's such a great way to raise awareness (I actually had never really heard of ALS before now), raise money and have fun and some laughs while doing it.    Hopefully everyone who is doing it, is actually donating to a good cause as well, whether it be ALS/MND or some other cause.

I first saw the ice bucket challenge a couple of months ago, when some people in Australia were doing it to raise money for my cousin Lanai's son - Lindsay.   He has a brain tumour and has needed a lot of money to pay for treatment in the USA, because medicinal marijuana is not yet legal in Australia.  He has had some amazing results being on treatment in the USA, and it's so hard for them and the whole family emotionally, financially and physically to keep going back and forth for treatment.  They were recently on the TV show 60 Minutes and you can watch it and read more about it here.  Before Lindsay was diagnosed I would've been totally against legalising it, but since his diagnosis I have learnt so much about how it can help so many people, and hope that anyone who is not sure about it, would also take the time to learn more about it. 

Lanai and Lindsay's friends who did the ice bucket challenge raised enough money to pay for a ticket for Lindsay to return to the USA again for treatment.
I was nominated about a month ago (thanks Kym...not!) and was under the impression that if you didn't do that ice bucket challenge, that you had to donate instead.  Hopefully people who are doing it are donating as well.  I thought that it was probably more beneficial if I made a donation, so I did that instead, even though the boys have been begging me to do the challenge, because they wanted to have a good laugh.

My boys have been hanging out to be nominated to do it, especially after a couple of teachers did it at school.  Finally this week they were nominated and couldn't wait to do it. 

Here are the videos of my boys doing their challenge.

Kobe cracked us up as he looked like he was about to cry, but acted all tough like he was fine with it :)

They each did it separately and then wanted to do it again, so Alison dumped a bucket over all of them at once, but surprised them as it was actually warm water :)


  1. I remember watching a similar 60 Minutes story on the same medical marijuana facility in Colorado. I was fascinated with the work they were doing - especially for children. I hope that your cousin and her son get the help they need from your government. Like that one lady/parent said, "Do not give up!!"

  2. Too cute!! I believe the 'rule' is is that if you are challenged you have 24 hours to do the ice bucket challenge. If you don't do it you donate $100 and if you do you donate $10. Off to watch 60 minutes. Medicinal marijuana legal here in Canada. Hoping Australia follows suit VERY soon.

  3. That Kobe boy makes me smile every time I see him! xx


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