Friday, 12 September 2014


15 years ago today I became a Mum. I can't say it was the happiest day of my life, because Jalen's birth was actually very long and traumatic (it even says so in his child health book!) but after I got over that,  I absolutely loved being a little family.   Aaron and I decided we wanted to wait a little while before we had kids.  We got married young and wanted to enjoy being a 'just' a married couple, before kids came along. We had almost four years on our own, and we didn't really know what hit us when Jay was born!
He was a very hard baby as he had reflux, but we just thought all babies were like that (because isn't that what babies do: eat, sleep and cry - a lot!?) so we just dealt with it the best way we knew how.  When he finallly 'grew out of it' we realised how much pain it had been causing him, and finally at 6 months of age he started to sleep through the night, after some advice from the Child Health Nurse and persistence from us.  
Those first six months were hard, but Jay has more than made up for those hard days and nights since then.  He's such a great kid and I have no doubt that he was meant to come to our family first.  He's always been sensitive and caring and such a great big brother to all of his brothers, but especially to Noah. 
You hear a lot of horror stories about teenagers, but I'm still waiting for Jay to turn into a horrible teenager ;) He's been through so much throughout his whole life, and especially in the last three years, but he makes me so proud with the way that he just keeps going and is still able to see the positive things in life, despite having days when he feels really down. 

I felt really sad on Harri's birthday, but Jay's birthday hasn't been as hard.  I think because he is so easy going about it, that it doesn't put as much stress on me.  Harri is not one to let you forget when his birthday is, but Jay hasn't talked as much about his.  He was so grateful for each and every present, and as he walked out the door to go to school this morning he yelled 'thanks for everything!'. 
He asked a couple of months ago if he could have a sleepover with his friends from school, and as much as I wanted to say no, I was happy that he wanted to have some fun with his friends, so tonight I have six of his friends sleeping over.   It's going to be a big night of pizza, junk food, video games and watching superhero movies.  I just hope I can sleep through it all. 
He actually has some lovely friends, three of them have been friends with him since Kindergarten.  
Nicole the awesome Cupcake Fairy offered to make him his cake, and he knew exactly what he wanted - an Agents of Shield cake with cupcakes around it with logos  of different superheroes.He absolutely loved it and Kobe said they're the best cakes in the 'whole, whole, whole whole world!!!.
I feel very lucky to have a kid as great as Jay.  He makes me laugh so much as he reminds me so much of Aaron.  Almost every day I say to him 'are you right Aaron!!?' as he does something that is exactly what Aaron would've done or said.  He has the same sense of humour as Aaron and is very quick witted.  He loves being compared to Aaron as I tell him about things that his Dad used to do.  It always makes him laugh.  
 It's hard to believe my baby is 15, and I wish I could just freeze time right now because I'm loving the age he is at.  He always asks me how my day has been, and isn't scared to show me affection, even in front of his mates.  It's been nice to have him come and visit me in my bedroom tonight, to thank me for letting his friends come over, and to see how appreciative of the things I have done for his birthday.    I'm so proud of him and I have no doubt that Aaron would be too. 


  1. Awesome kids you have! Happy Birthday, Jay.

  2. 15! Happy belated Birthday Jay! Such a handsome young man with a heart of gold :)

  3. What a happy blog post this is. Sending lots of belated birthday wishes to Jay.

    I too have heard a few horror stories about having teenagers but like you I am lucky that my child who is 14 has not caused me much teenage drama at all. She is a great girl who makes me proud, happy and thankful everyday. From Susan McGuire, Sydney :)

  4. You are so lucky to have an awesome teenager. Happy birthday, Jay!


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