Friday, 5 September 2014

Footy Colours

This week at school we had 'Footy Colours Day' which was actually renamed 'Sports Colours Day' to cater for those crazy people who don't love footy.  When Jay was taking this photo I asked him if he remembered how Dad used to have 'Footy Colours Week' instead of footy colours day.  He said he didn't, so I told him how Aaron used to wear a different geurnsey to school every day for a week.  Jay thought it was very funny. 

We are having beautiful spring days now, with cool mornings, but beautiful sunny afternoons.  I told Kobe that he probably needed to put a jumper on in the morning, and could take it off at school when it got warm.  He made me laugh when he said 'but I want to show off my muscles!'. 

The kids were very hyped all day at school with their sports colours on, and it was fun to see my EAL students excited to get involved, proudly wearing their Hawks scarves that I and another teacher gave them.  There's nothing like doing a little bit of brainwashing about who the best team is ;) One of them said he wanted to go for the Kangaroos and I told him that was okay, but he was then sent to 'time out' ;)

I miss Aaron and Noah all the time, but I think about Aaron so much more when things like this are going on.

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