Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Book Week

I have a love/hate for book week - because it's stressful trying to sort out what the boys are going to wear, and I am not creative at all.  I can't sew and even though we have a huge bag of dress ups, the boys are never happy to wear whatever we have in it.  I also love it because it's so fun to see all the kids dressed up at school for the day. 

This year the theme was 'connect to reading' and the kids had to explain who they were and how they connect with that character.  Kobe was going to wear his footy gear at first, and that would've been easy to connect to, but then he decided he was going to be a pirate.  I have no idea how he connects to a pirate, but I didn't care and was just glad that he had a costume :) Luckily he could still fit into the pirate costume I bought for him last year.   

Harri had no idea what he was going to be, until I reminded him that he had basketball gear and he is obsessed with playing basketball. Thanks goodness that was an easy costume to come up with!

While I was going through the costume bag, I came across the hospital gown and cap that Aaron used to wear when he would be 'Docta Steve'.   I searched through Noah's special box and found the stethoscope we used to use on him, and went dressed as a Doctor.  I got a lot of comments from people who know about 'Docta Steve' that I was Docta Steve's wife :)    I said that I could connect with a Doctor because I'm always putting bandaids on Kobe.
If it isn't stressful enough working out what costumes the boys are going to wear, as well as myself, this year I had to scrape together six other outfits from my EAL students.  I didn't want them to feel left out if their classmates were dressed up, and I knew they wouldn't have anything at home.  I had some lovely school Mums and a friend, drop off bags of girl dress ups so that they could choose what they wanted to wear.  One of the boys chickened out, but it was nice to see them all dressed up and having so much fun. 

A few of the other teachers got dressed up as well. My friend Jacky dressed up as 'Where's Wally's' girlfriend.  Aaron actually used to teach Jacky, so it's been fun to hear about the days when she was one of his Prefects and how he would help her out.   He would love that we are teaching together now.  
Thank goodness Book Week is over for another year.  I wonder how many more years I can talk the boys into being a pirate and basketball player!? ;)


  1. I love book week as that is my only creative streak. This week only one child still at my school and she loved her Minnie Mouse Costume, but three other costumes from previous years were on friends children. Just got another message from a friend needing a costume for tomorrow's dress up at her school.

  2. Lisa: Thank you for sharing your pictures. Your little pirate is adorable.


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