Saturday, 9 August 2014

The boy's new Dad

A couple of weeks ago Kobe told me that he had a double Luke Hodge footy card.  He said that I should have it because I love Hodgey and I could put it in my bedroom near my photos of Daddy and Noah.  I laughed and joked that it was a great idea, since Hodgey is going to be his new Dad one day (I'm sure that he would marry me if he wasn't already happily married...right!?).

Harri was not happy with my little joke and said 'Mum!!  You know that Dad can hear everything you say, so you shouldn't say that!'.  I reminded Harri that Dad loved Hodgey as much as I do, and that I'm sure he would love him to be their new Dad.  He wasn't at all convinced :)

Yesterday a friend who is an aide in Kobe's class at school, told me that Kobe had to tell the class things about himself, because he has been the leader this week.  He got up and said 'I have a dog called Milly, I like Hawthorn and Harri is obsessed with Hawthorn, and Mum wants to marry Luke Hodge'.  They had quite the laugh about that!

P.S: I don't do sponsors or paid posts on my blog but I'm very happy to promote my brother Eden's building business. He has decided to branch out and join the world wide web and now has an awesome website, and also has a page on Facebook.   

If you are after a great builder in northern Tasmania then check out his sites.  Even if you aren't in northern Tassie, still check them out :) He has built some beautiful houses and is building my parent's new home at the moment.


  1. Awesomely, beautiful picture up there ^^ !!

  2. Your new header photo is breath taking! Wow....

  3. I love your new header photo!


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