Friday, 22 August 2014

Kobe's Superhero

I'm not usually one to buy something on the spur of the moment, but I couldn't resist these t-shirts when I saw them in town today.   I saw them and tried to walk straight past, but couldn't help but turn around to get one.  I couldn't decide which one, so Kobe ended up with both of them.
I don't do sponsored or paid posts on my blog, but I wouldn't say no to Target sending me a voucher or something for promoting their cute t-shirts which are very hard to resist, especially if you are a widow of someone who is very much loved and missed by his boys ;) :)    Aaron is definitely their superhero and I couldn't have found a more perfect t-shirt.   
Kobe loves the t-shirts and said that 'Daddy would love them' too :)


  1. Think I'll have to schedule in a visit to Target tomorrow. Thanks for the advice Lisa!

    1. No worries :) See! Target should send me something for doing a little bit of advertising for them! ;)

  2. Yes Target should def do something!! :) it would be nice if they had ones that said Mum is my superhero!! Id but one of those for Kobe too!!

  3. Yes, they are clearly must-haves, and he looks so cute in them!

  4. I saw these in Target the other day, very fitting in this case :)



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