Thursday, 1 August 2013

The Block Auction

We are so addicted to the reality TV show 'The Block' and get so excited when we travel to the mainland and have the opportunity to stop and visit the previous Block houses that have been renovated.  We were especially excited to go and visit the latest 'Block' in Melbourne when we went to stay with my sister Nicki and her family, especially as the show was still running and it was the final week of the show.

We were so excited when we saw the building and all the kids were screaming in the car.   It was fun because Nicki and Alex and their kids were into the show for the first time this season, so they were as excited as we were.

It happened to be the auction day when we were there and there was a little crowd around checking it out like us.  Everyone was peering through the fences and having a look into the courtyards that were just done that week.
The courtyard that Matt and Kim did.

The kids loved seeing the real estate posters out the front with the pictures of all the contestants. Our favourite contestants were Bec and George and Trixie and Johnno.
We were so excited to see Channel 9 vans and TV cameras everywhere and realised that the auction was actually going to be happening very soon.  There was a security guard out the front and we were so excited when one of the twins came out for a second. 

Harri desperately wanted to go inside and look at all the apartments that had been renovated by the couples. I kept telling him that we couldn't go in because the open for inspection day was a couple of weeks before.  He kept asking me to ask the security guy anyway, so I told him he had to ask.  He was feeling shy so we went up together and I told the guy that Harri had something to ask him, and we probably already knew the answer.  He asked Harri what he wanted to know and Harri said 'can I go inside!?' and the guy smiled and told him he couldn't but that at 1.30 pm all the contestants would be coming out and would be on stage being filmed for the show the next day, and then the auction would be taking place at 2pm. 
We couldn't believe our luck that we were there for such a big part of the show, and had an hour and a half to kill so we jumped on a tram into the city and grabbed some lunch and then came back so we could watch and be a part of it.

When we got back there was a big stage set up and TV cameras everywhere.  
We were lucky to be there early and got right up near the front of the stage.  We were so excited when the contestants finally came out.   They all looked really nervous.

They all looked so pretty on TV and were stunning in real life. 

It was exciting to watch as they started filming for the finale which would be shown the next day.  
The contestants then left to go inside for the auctions and we were so anxious to hear who won, but knew that they wouldn't let us know and that we would have to wait for the show the next day.  We grabbed the host Shelley for a photo before she went back inside. 
We couldn't wait to watch the show the next day and were so happy that all the contestants won so much  money.  We were excited to spot ourselves on TV just for a couple of seconds. These are screen shots from the show. 
 I'm on the far left right next to Jay. 
We are already hanging out for the next series and are missing 7 O'block every night. 


  1. no way!! superstars!!!
    will watch for you when it starts over here.

  2. I'm addicted too. Can't believe you got to see them up so close.


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