Friday, 9 August 2013

Harri's Prayers Were Answered

Every night before bed we have a family prayer together.  Harri asked one night if he could say the prayer that night and during it he said 'please bless us that we will get a dog because it will comfort me and make me happy, and please bless that it will be a black labrador'.

He knew he was being funny and we were all cracking up laughing, and the next night he said the same thing.  At that stage I had already made the decision to get a dog, but was just waiting for our trips away to Melbourne and Sydney to get one so I hadn't told the boys we would be getting one.

Jay and Harri are both so happy about Milly and Kobe is slowly coming around, but he's still not really sure when he's around her.  He is learning to be more assertive with her and is excited when she listens to him.

Jay loves her a lot, but out of all three boys Harri is the most excited and spends the most time with her by far.

Harri wakes up as soon as he knows that Milly is awake and as soon as he's ready for school he asks to take her out in the backyard so he can play with her before school.  After school he can't wait to get home and wants to take her for a walk or play with her in the backyard.  It's so nice to look out the window and see Harri playing with her.
 Harri couldn't wait to take her to school to show his class.  He loved telling his class all about her. 
The next day I took Milly to Newstead Heights where I used to work to visit the kids.  Some of them were fascinated with her and others didn't care at all :)  It was so nice to visit and see the kids and staff who I miss very much, but I'm loving my new job.   Jack was so interested in her and kept reaching out to grab her, and when I would put her down he would drop his bottom lip as he wanted her back up again. 

 Milly also visited Kobe's Kinder class and the kids absolutely loved her.  They were all over her.

I'm not a dog person at all so even though I knew that it would hopefully be good for us as a family to get a dog, I wasn't sure on how it would go, especially as we've had no experience with dogs.  I grew up with dogs, but never really had much to do with them.

I was dreading the work that there would be in having to train a puppy, but I feel so lucky that we were able to get Milly.  Being five months old she is still a puppy, but has grown out of the young puppy stage.  She's the most placid little thing and has been trained a lot from the place that we got her from.   She sleeps all night and is 95% toilet trained.  She knows how to sit, and has lots of fun in the backyard retrieving toys that we throw to her.  The best thing is that she has a fleece coat so she doesn't shed at all. 

She's definitely not what I imagined when I thought about getting a puppy. It has been so much easier than I imagined so far.  I just hope we aren't in a honeymoon period, like when you bring a newborn home and they sleep all the time, but then they wake up and scream for three months solid ;)

It's so strange seeing a dog around the house.  Jay and I were laughing together last night, saying how strange it is that a few days ago all she knew was being around so many other dogs, and now she's very comfortable being inside a house with lots of noise.  She's so good at going to sit on her mat when we tell her to. Obviously she likes the Muppets!

Because I was never close to our family dogs growing up, it's so strange to have this little dog following me around all day.  She definitely listens to me more than the boys and wants to be wherever I am.  She loves to be cuddled and often just comes over to me and plonks her head on my leg to get a rub.   I guess I'm going to quickly become a dog person!

Milly has settled into our family so quickly. The boys loved putting a Hawks scarf on her tonight for Friday night footy. 
Harri keeps saying it feels like a dream and he keeps thinking that she has to go away again soon.  He's so happy that his prayers were answered. 


  1. Loved, loved loved this blog.
    Milly is going to bring so much happiness into your family, and I know you will love her as much as
    She is a pretty little lady.
    Dogs are so healing, so glad that you changed your mind about getting a dog.
    Love Mum.

  2. Lisa, God bless your family and it's newest member. Milly is just adorable and I can tell by the way she looks into your eyes that she loves you and knows that she has found her forever home. Best of Luck!

  3. I'm not a dog person either, but it looks to me like you made the right decision!


  4. What a sweet puppy you've found for your family. It seems she fits in perfectly. And what a wonderful temperament she has; it isn't every dog that can remain so calm when surrounded and touch by a bunch of excited children! Excellent choice! I'm slightly envious. :-)

    Heidi in the USA

  5. I was never really a dog person myself, either, until we got our dog. We had a cat before our dog, and she was the worst cat ever. I'm so glad that you and your boys have a sweet dog. She will most certainly be your best friend, I promise!!

  6. Have you thought about getting her trained to be a hospital service dog? In Alabama, USA we have a program called Hand in Paw which is animal-assisted therapy. The dogs are trained to go into hospitals and other places such as the school your worked to help lift the spirts of the patients.


  7. She is beautiful. I love that breed. Everyone seems to be really pleased with her.

  8. you sure have made one little boy SUPER happy and the rest of the family look pretty happy too...(even you) What an AWESOME Mum you are Lisa ...and what a very lucky little dog is Milly XXXXXXX

  9. How wonderful :) She's just gorgeous and it's lovely to see how much happiness she is already bringing. She's obviously worked out that you are the boss! ;)

  10. Lisa this was beautiful to read. Milly looks like she has stolen your heart, and is helping all four of you heal. I look forward to reading all about her antics as she grows with you and the boys :)

  11. I have lived all my life either wanting a dog or having one or two and cannot imagine it any other way :) I am so happy to hear you have opened your heart for a new family member and I promise she will bring you and the boys nothing but unconditional love :)

    So wonderful to hear you all bonding with her. Dogs rock! They are the best of friends; always willing to walk/run with you, listen, sit and cuddle, sleep in your bed and keep you warm, and so good at bringing a smile to your face with their quirks. My dogs keep me half way sane, my biggest fans and so dear to my heart.

    So happy to hear of your new addition Lisa and family!

  12. Please tell Harri that I think HE answered Milly's prayer of finding the perfect family! So happy for you all.

    1. I agree and so happy Harri got his long awaited dog friend. I think you have a dog lover on your hands and this is a good thing. Dog lovers tend to be compassionate, caring and take responsibility for someone other than themselves at a younger age.

      I am so happy for Harri :)))

  13. Totally adorable! My son has one...just watch out for mud. They take a lot of combing to get it out of that curly hair!

  14. Ya I'm not much of a dog person either yet somehow I have one sidled up next to me right now and who sleeps width wise on my bed at night. The things we do for our children!

  15. It will be interesting watching you become a dog person after knowing you forever as so not a dog person. ;) SHe grew on me just in the little time I have seen her. And I was very impressed with her manners too.

  16. Milly is so very cute! I think it is wonderful for the boys, and having Milly will help the healing process of your family's great losses. I adopted a cat in April, and she has made a big difference in my life. She loves to sit in my lap and also comes into my room in the morning to wake me up for breakfast. However, 5:30 in the morning is MUCH TOO EARLY!!! She is about two years' old and is a tuxedo cat (black with white under her neck and some on her belly and paws. Her name is Annabelle--wonderful animal. I wish all of you the best of luck and happiness with the newest member of your wonderful family.

  17. I am laughing because Milly has obviously worked out that she needed to worm her way into the boss's heart the most - and its worked. Clever girl, Milly. Wonderful Mum, Lisa. Happy Boys, all 3 of them.


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