Wednesday, 14 August 2013

P!nk - The Truth About Love

I was so excited to find out that when TOFW was going to be in Sydney, that P!nk was also going to be touring there.  Aaron and I were so excited to go to her concert in 2009 and always said that if she came back we would definitely go again.  I tried to get tickets as soon as they went on sale, but they sold out really quickly.  

A few weeks before we were going to Sydney for TOFW I thought I'd just check back on the website that sold tickets for P!nk and couldn't believe that they had released some more tickets.  I quickly rang my Mum and brother and sister Nicki and Chrish to see if they wanted to come. I would've gone with or without them, but they were all keen.  Chrish pretended he wasn't that keen, but I knew he would love it :) 

The night before we went to TOFW we were so excited to see P!nk at the Sydney Entertainment Centre.  
I had to admit to the ladies from TOFW that I was actually more excited about seeing P!nk than going to TOFW, even though I knew that I would love both. 
I knew that there would be a lot of acrobatics like at the last concert.   It was amazing seeing her fly out of the floor.  The videos are (mostly) short because they are from Instagram.  This was her first song. 
'Raise Your Glass'
She did a few songs from her new album as well as lots of old ones which is good as I like a lot of her older songs more.

I used a beautiful version of the song 'Perfect' at Aaron's funeral, by Boyce Avenue.  Now whenever the boys hear the song it makes them sad and they tell me to turn it off, but I still love it.  I felt like it was what Aaron wanted his students to always remember, as he always believed in them, especially when they didn't believe in themselves.
This was my favourite song of the night - 'Just Give Me a Reason'. It is a duet which she sings with Nate Reuss and he wasn't there, but featured on the screen while she sang live.  It was awesome hearing the crowd singing along with her.  Excuse the small video quality.
I  had already watched the whole concert online so I knew what her last song was going to be.  It made me smile as it reminded me of the gym as 'So What' is one of our favourite bicep tracks in Pump.  It was amazing seeing her fly all around the room, singing the whole time, even when she was upside down.

We had parked in the car park behind the Entertainment Centre and there was a crowd of people gathering after the concert, hoping to see P!nk come out the back before she left.  Because there was such a long wait to get out of the car park, Mum, Nicki and I jumped out of the car while Chrish was driving out of the car park very slowly.  He ended up getting to the bottom level before we got to see her come out, so he parked the car and jumped out to see if he could see her too.  We were excited to all see her come out and wave to the crowd. I actually didn't even realise it was her at first as she had a beanie on. The crowd were screaming, but I was assuming it was just a dancer who had come out before her. I did capture it on my phone though.  

On Sunday night there was a story about her on 60 Minutes and we were excited to see that they had filmed it on the night of the concert that we went to, and they even showed this part when she came out. 

If I were rich I would love to go to Melbourne and see her again before she finishes her Australian tour, but I guess I'll just have to wait until she comes back again next time. 


  1. And I will be there along with you.
    It was so great, magical even, and it was even better that I was there with some of my all time favourite people in the world.
    I hope she comes back and tours again in a few years, worth every last dollar.
    Thanks for getting the tickets.
    Love Mum.

  2. She is coming to Alabama in December and I can't wait for the show. Alabama does not get many good performers so I'm hoping it will sell out so maybe bigger acts will come here.


  3. Now you really have made me want to go and see PINK. My friends girls love her and go to all her concerts. One saw her in Adelaide and then went over to Melbourne to see her. I love your new dog ..... so gorgeous and I love your blog header.


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