Saturday, 17 August 2013

A Family of Seven

Last week I mentioned to Alison that it was probably time to update our family photos since Milly has now joined our family.    We were lucky to get a break in the rain this morning and sloshed through the mud at Waverley Lake while Alison took photos of us.

During the week Kobe has been asking how many people are in our family.  I ask him what he thinks and he counts all of us and says 'five!'.  I then remind him to count Daddy and Noah and he says 'there are seve people in our family now!'. 

I always said I didn't want to have a blog header without Aaron and Noah in it, but I really wanted to include Milly in it too, so I decided to include a photo collage of Aaron and Noah that I have near my bed.   I of course would much prefer to have Aaron and Noah's legs in the photo, but I love how it turned out.
Alison picked up a cool chair from the op shop just before we did the shoot which was fun to use. 
Harri has really fallen in love with Milly and wants to be the one who does everything with her.   Notice I said with her, not for her.   He's more than happy for me to clean up after her (if you know what I mean!) and take her outside early in the morning.  He's quickly finding out though that since he wanted a dog, he has to take responsibility with looking after her as well.  They're best friends already.
Jay got quite emotional about having another family photo shoot without Aaron and Noah in it.  Last time Alison took photos for us it was just two months after Aaron passed away.  I remember that day as I just felt so empty and sad.  The photos she took were beautiful but we were all just still in so much shock.  We had forced smiles on our faces, but our hearts were broken.

I still feel so sad and so do the boys, but we have adjusted a lot better to life without them.  It's very hard all the time but this photo shoot was a lot easier as I felt like our smiles were a lot more genuine.

There are a lot of other beautiful photos which I will share later.  Thanks Alison for taking them for us. 
I love them!


  1. Love this blog, and it is nice o see your happy faces.
    I remember that first family shoot after Aaron left you, and although you were all smiling, your eyes weren't .
    You can see how much Harri loves Milly.
    She is a great addition to he family, and I am so envious, but in a good way.
    Love Mum.

  2. beautiful photos and a gorgeous doggy!!
    having photos done after the passing of a loved one is very very hard ... I too know how that feels...

  3. Your new photo is so great! (the other pics, too!)

  4. i am sure you will agree now "it was the best thing you ever did" when you look back at these pics of the kids and see the happiness and joy at having adopted Milly into your life much love to give on both sides the shoot Lisa ..great capturing Alison XXXX

  5. Oh dear.. when will the rain end.

  6. Where is the like button?

  7. Just loving the new pictures.
    Kind Regards, Astrid

  8. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family..
    The collage of your boys in Heaven is just too precious,
    and your boys here on Earth are so handsome and happy with
    your Milly!
    Much love from California

  9. Beautiful family! Love the new pictures!

  10. LOVE the new header, especially the shoes! You all look so wonderful. What a contrast between these pictures and the earlier ones. Oh Lisa, so many people love you and your boys and are still praying for you! I hope you can feel it and draw strength from it.


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