Sunday, 18 March 2018

Newstead College Awards

Jalen started year 12 by taking things very easy.  I don't think he realised how much work it was going to be, but after a few of months it hit him that this was his chance to work really hard and do the best that he could, to make sure he got into the course he wants to do at Uni.

He worked really hard and really enjoyed the year.  His college have their award ceremony at the beginning of the year, as they need to wait for their results to come through at the end of the year.
Jay was asked by his Theatre Performance teacher if he would perform with another student a piece from their play Emma.  He was hilarious in it and did such a great job when they performed the show, so it was great to be able to see him up on stage again. 
During the summer holidays he got two letters in the mail, to say that he would be receiving a subject award and also a special award at the ceremony. He absolutely loved his Media 3 class and I knew that he was doing really well in it throughout the year, so we assumed he was getting the Media award, but we weren't sure what the special award was for.  It was lovely to hear that a lot of his close friends and  Erin were also getting awards.

Jay won the Media 3 award, and also received the Newstead College Association Award.  When they read what the award was for, I was so proud of him.  It was for a 'positive attitude, resilience and independence'.  When I think back to how Jay was after Aaron passed away and see how he is now, I can't believe how different he is.  Even though his college teachers could see those traits in him, they really would have no idea how far he's come since grade 7.  He was very excited that he also received $200 as a part of that award.
It was lovely to have my Mum there for the award ceremony.
It was so nice to see all of his hard work pay off.  I know that his 'gap year' is going to fly and it won't be long till he's studying again, and he's so happy that he was accepted to do the course that he wants to do (Bachelor of Media).

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