Tuesday, 20 March 2018


Some of my favourite days over the summer holidays were when my whole extended family were together.  It was the first time in years we had all been together.  We were of course missing my Dad, Aaron and Noah and wish we could've all really had been together.

It was so good to have my sister Nicki and her family over from the USA.   We all spent an afternoon at the beach and the weather was actually terrible, but it didn't dampen our spirits. We were all just happy to be together.

 These cheeky girls always love finding crabs and putting them down my back!

We couldn't miss the opportunity to update our family photos.  Erin came along to meet the whole family, and I don't think anyone scared her too much! :) It was also great to have her there as she was able to take our whole family photo for us.

We hope that it won't take too long before we are back together again, as my brother Jared and his wife Becky are about to have another baby, so we will need to get more photos soon. Notice Jalen and Harri in the back on tippy toes!

My siblings and I are all very different.  I'm the eldest, then Jared (on the left), Christian (Chrish), Eden (on the right), we had another brother Daniel who passed away from SIDS at 9 months and then Nicki was born after Daniel died. 

There are eight years between Nicki and myself so Mum and Dad had us all very close together.  I really don't know how Mum did it all, as she was home with all of us while Dad worked full time.

My brother Jared is known for ruining photos by sticking his finger up very discretely.  I have many photos from this day of him doing just that! It actually makes us all laugh as that's the Jared we know and love.

All the cousins were so excited to be together.  Jay, Noah and Harri are always the odd ones out as they were a lot older than the rest of their cousins, but the others are all very close in age.

Out of sixteen grandchildren there are twelve grandsons and four granddaughters. 

I love this photo of Nicki and Alex's son Hyrum.  He's so cheeky and such a live wire.  It was nice to get to know him more, as they lived in Melbourne before they moved to the USA over 18  months ago.

This photo makes me laugh so much.  We were all taking photos of the cousins together, while the guys are playing with Eden's drone.

The little boys absolutely love my older boys and had a great time with them.  Jay would always ask Ezra 'who's your favourite cousin?' and he would reply 'Harri!' because he knew it was cheeky and funny. 
Kobe had the best time with his cousins.

I love these pics that Chrish took of my boys.

I also love this sneaky shot that Chrish took.  Harri is always so lovely and affectionate with me (he gets that from his Dad) and loves putting his arm around me. 
While Nicki and Alex were over from the USA, it was their son Alex's 10th birthday.  He chose to go to the Aquatic Centre with his cousins for the day. It was a great choice as it was fun for the big and little kids (and adults!).  We had such a fun day.


 I'm so graceful!
 Ezzy loves chatting with Harri.
Holding on for dear life!
Ezra cracked us up because one day he said 'Jalen is a man!'.

It was so lovely to have all my family together for a short time.  I hope it's not too long until we are together again.

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