Sunday, 5 June 2016

It's great to be 8!

Kobe has been counting down the months, weeks and days until his 8th birthday.   He was very excited that his birthday was going to be on a Saturday, and kept on saying that his birthday was going to be the best ever because he was going to be playing soccer,  Hawthorn were playing footy, he was getting baptised and he would be having a family party with his cousins.   All week he has been talking about his birthday.  In the middle of the week he reminded me that often people take cupcakes to share at school, when it's their birthday. I told him I didn't have time to make cupcakes (definitely no longer Mother of the Year!) but suggested that he could take jelly to school to share  at lunch time. He thought that was a great idea, and everyone in his class got a cup of jelly for a treat.

Yesterday he woke us all up at 7am to open up his presents.  It's the usual time that he wakes up on school days, but we weren't keen since it our sleep in day.  His excitement made it all worth it though. 
He loved all of his presents (mostly AFL and soccer inspired presents) and after he opened them he yelled out to me 'thanks for all my beautiful presents Mum!'.
 He straight away put on one of his new soccer jerseys and shorts, and I spotted him sitting out in the sunroom looking at one of our Chatbooks (Instagram photos made into a book).  He was so cute as he sat there with a big grin on his face, as he looked at the photos.
One of his favourite presents was a blow up Cyril Rioli which you can tackle.
 The boys had a great morning with it.
 He even joined us for a special birthday brunch. 
Kobe requested pancakes, bacon and hashbrowns.   Unfortunately Cyril didn't survive for very long after brunch and there were tears, when he popped! It came with a patch, but unfortunately the hole was too big and under the arm on a seam, and poor Cyril wasn't able to be repaired.  There was a very sad birthday boy for a little while after that.  We did go hunting for one later in the day, but all the Cyril ones were sold out :(
 While I was making brunch we had the music cranking, and Kobe was dancing away in the kitchen.
Aaron's dad and step mum Carrol popped in during the morning, and Kobe was very excited to get some money to spend.
 We then went to soccer and watched Harri play first.
It's always hilarious watching Kobe and his team play.  Most of them are playing for the first time, and they're all so cute and just so happy when they get a kick.
Kobe was so keen to try to get a goal on his birthday.  He is a good little player considering it's his first time playing and was running and running.  He went off on sub to catch his breath for a bit. 
Mum came to watch him play and I yelled out 'Grandma will give you $100 if you get a goal Kobe!' and she laughed and agreed to $5.   He was so excited when he got a goal and was celebrating big time!
After soccer we raced home to get changed, so we could get to church for Kobe's baptism.  It was lovely to have so many people come along to it including all his cousins who are in Tassie.  My sister Nicki and her kids face-timed us from the USA earlier in the day which was exciting. It was exciting to get presents in the church car park from his cousins and also Alison who bought him a very cool footy.
Harri, Jai and Arden improvised and used a soccer ball to have some shots.
Thanks Alison for the photos at Kobe's baptism :)
It was lovely to have my brother Jared come up to baptise Kobe.
With all his first cousins who live in Tassie. 
I took this photo of him last Sunday to put on the front of his baptism program.
The baptism was lovely and Harri sang a solo part for one of the songs that the kids all sang together. Jay was clowning around afterwards :)
After the baptism we raced home to get changed again, and headed to Airtime for a party with all of his cousins.  We chose a time where you book for an hour, but got to jump free for a second hour so the kids were very hot, sweaty and thirsty by the end of it.
 I thought they may get sick of it after the first hour, but they lasted well and truly....all except Jay who realised how unfit he was!
The lovely Cupcake Fairy made his cake this year, and he loved it!
We had lots of party food and pizza for tea. 

 After he blew out his candles Kobe said 'I need to cut the cake to see if I touch the bottom, because I may have to kiss a girl!'. 
His cousin Kelsea quickly ran away, but he loved that Aunty Becky wanted to give him a big smooch :)
 He had such a great day, and kept saying it was the best birthday ever!

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