Sunday, 19 June 2016


It was my birthday a couple of days ago, and it kind of just crept up and then seems to have gone just as quick.  I don't care at all about birthdays but it was fun to tell the kids at school that it was going to be my birthday later in the week, because I know how excited they get about birthdays.

I told one of my Prep students that it was going to be my birthday on Friday and he said 'where's your class!?!'. I said 'what do you mean where's my class?! You're my class! I teach you and lots of other students English, so I don't have a whole class'. He then said 'but when it's your birthday you have to bring cake!'.  It cracked me up, as he was obviously hoping that I would bring along cake!  I reminded him that I don't work on Fridays so I was lucky that it was my day off, but he didn't look very happy about that :)

Jay was lovely and told me that he was going to get home late one day, as he wanted to go into town to buy me a present.  Harri and Kobe then got a bit stressed and said that they hadn't got me anything yet, and asked me if I could take them shopping (with my money of course!). 

After work one day I was just so tired, and didn't want to go where it was busy so I told the boys we were just going to Coles down the road.  I reminded them that there are lots of things in Coles that I would like (meaning chocolate!) and sent them in on their own. They were so cute coming back to the car, as Kobe was doing a little dance on the way back!

On Friday morning before the boys went to school, they gave me their pressies.   Harri had written in the card for me :)    Harri asked me that morning if I was 43 and I told him not to be rude! I'm not quite that old just yet.

Jay had picked out the frame for me, and when I got home yesterday he cracked me up as he had put a picture of Shannon Noll in it, and left it near my bed! I don't even like him (like that!) but because Jay is obsessed with him and we saw him sing live earlier in the year, he is constantly talking about him, and how he was robbed in Australian Idol as he came second. It cracked me up.

Harri came second in his school cross country a couple of weeks ago, and was therefore in his school team to compete in the LSSSA (inter school cross country).  It was supposed to be held last Friday, but because there was so much rain when the flooding happened, it was postponed until my birthday.  My cousin Tim and Helene's boys Jai and Arden were also competing for their school, so Tim said he would come and pick me up so we could go up together, as we had planned on having lunch together after with my friend Simone.

Unfortunately it was pouring with rain all morning, but because it had already been postponed they decided to go ahead with it.  Tim came to the door to get me and looked really upset when I opened it. I asked him what was up and he said that the bad weather had ruined my birthday plans. I asked him what he was talking about, and joked that we were going to go to the beach (even though it's winter).  He then told me that he had organised to go in a light plane with Simone, to Lost Farm restaurant at Bridport!

I was like 'what!? Are you serious!!". He was so disappointed about it as he had planned it for a couple of weeks.  He works at the airport so has lots of connections out there. Apparently the pilot said to him that his wife would be excited about it, and Tim then told him it was actually for his cousin and the pilot said something like 'that's a bit extreme then!'.  I told Tim I agreed and he said he told the pilot that I had a rough time and he thought I deserved some fun.  It would've been more than fun, but when he told me the pic of the plane I told him I would probably have freaked out, but it would've been so amazing if it did happen.  He said that they fly quite low so that you can see the scenery along the way.

He was so disappointed that the weather ruined our plans and Simone was also upset as they thought it was the best birthday surprise ever. Instead we sat in the pouring rain watching the cross country.

 Despite the rain though, it was fun to watch the three boys run. They were absolutely drenched and covered in mud by the end of it.
Harri did so well and came 5th overall!
Instead of flying to Bridport we still had a lovely lunch with Simone and her son Flynn at Stillwater Restaurant.
Tim cracked me up when dessert came out. He said 'come on, take a photo! It isn't going to Instagram itself!'.
After lunch I went and had a beautiful long massage (I'm keeping the Chinese massage place close by in business lately!) before the boys got home from school.   Harri had basketball that night, and there was no way that I was going to cook on my birthday, so we went and got takeaway in town before he played.

 Kobe couldn't wait to get home from basketball as Hawthorn were playing footy and it was on TV. He is the only one who is really interested this year and was so into the game. He was so cute getting excited about it.
Because we couldn't go out for tea on my birthday, Tim and Helene joined us at Hogsbreath for tea last night.   Kobe and I both got a free meal for our birthday month, because we have VIP cards.
 Arden was so cute as he was so keen to sit next to Jay as he thinks he's cool :)
 Showing the kids how face swap works :)
Even though it's not the same now that Aaron and Noah aren't here, it was nice to have friends and family send me cards, texts and messages all day as it makes it a lot easier.  Thanks Tim and Simone for hanging out with me, and wanting to do something very cool! Maybe we will have to plan it for my 50th instead.

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  1. My 50 th is July 8 th....just gros!
    Why am I not 25 still?!!!! And two X 25 is not cutting it.
    Not looking forward to it, 40's rocked !


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