Monday, 14 December 2015

Leaver's Dinner

I'm not sure how Jalen is about to finish High School (grade 10) because it seems like he was just in grade 7 a year ago.  Aaron used to love going to the grade 10 leaver's dinners at school and we used to love going along to see his students all dressed up, as they arrived in their fancy cars.  I always imagined what Jalen's leaver's dinner would be like, but never thought it would happen so soon.

I was so happy that Jay decided to ask one of his girl friends to go with him, and for the last couple of months I've been bugging him to see what she would be wearing, so we could go and find a suit that would match.  When he found this blue suit he loved it straight away, and there was no talking him into going to look at other suits, as it was the one he wanted.  I was actually pleased that he cared about which suit, shirt, tie and shoes to get, as it could've been easy for him to just tell me to pick them out. He probably could've gotten away with wearing a suit that he wears to church, but it was nice to make it extra special, and to get a new suit.  At least I know he will wear it again.
We had some fun mucking around taking photos in the backyard, before his partner arrived.
 Milly is always waiting for the ball to be thrown!
 I love the shoes he picked out (just not the price tag!).
Jay asked his friend Edina to go with him, and I hadn't met her until tonight. I have to admit that I did some Facebook stalking to check her out, and was glad that she seemed lovely.
It was so nice to meet her tonight, and it was fun seeing them together, as I could tell they were good mates and that they would have a fun night together.

Edina's family knows someone who owns this very cool car, and he was happy to drive them to the dinner in it.
We went to City Park to get some photos, and it was packed with other people taking photos from both Queechy High and Riverside High as they both had their leaver's dinners tonight.
Edina and Jay were keen for a photo in front of the train :)
It was nice that Mum was able to come in to check him out.
We were so glad that his good friend Eliza (who goes to a different school) had her leaver's dinner on the same night, as it meant we could get photos of them together.
 Crazy boys! (And Harri has another sporting injury).
 After going to City Park we met his 'squad' up near the casino (where the dinner was held) to get some photos together.   They all looked so lovely.
Jay went to primary school with Jackson and Rani, and it's so good that they're still great friends. They will also be going to college together next year (year 11 and 12).
Harri and Kobe were keen to get in as many pictures with 'the squad' as possible.
 It was so fun to watch them all arrive in their fancy cars. 
The Principal was great as was there to welcome them as they got out of the car, and then asked them to turn around so people could get photos, before they moved inside. When Jalen got home he told me that the Principal actually sat on his table and sat next to him. He thinks she's awesome so he was very happy to have her next to him. 
Nice photo bomb Kobe :)
Thanks for letting me steal your photos Skye! :)
It was so nice to see him so happy and looking forward to a great night, with his good friends.
He keeps saying that it hasn't really hit him yet, that he's about to leave high school.  I'm so proud of him and how far he's come in the last four years.   Without a doubt I know Aaron would be too. I wish that he were here to see him tonight.


  1. They graduate high school early in Australia! In the states they graduate 12th grade at age 17-18. He sure is a handsome young man. I know you are so proud! Aaron is too :-)

    1. We just have different names for things here. Years 11 and 12 are called 'college' and are a separate school to high school which is grades 7-10. Then they can go onto university.

  2. What an exciting time for Jay (and all of you). I was not familiar with the Leavers Dinner and did not know that grades 11-12 were called College. Interesting! Anyway, great, great photos and memories!

  3. I don't know you and you don't know me, I found your blog a while ago and I am blessed by your strength, even though I do not know the trials and heartache you are going through. You are an amazing mother and your boys are adorable. A friend of mine work the piano music for this song and I thought of you when I heard it and the lose you have experienced.

    Angels Remembered


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