Monday, 7 December 2015

Decorating for them

Aaron loved Christmas more than anyone, so we always make sure that we decorate his and Noah's graves for Christmas and also Easter.  On Sunday we went to the cemetery after church to decorate.  Jalen has been best mates with Rani since Kinder, so it was so strange to run into him and his Mum at the cemetery as it was the last place we expected to see them.   I always laugh when  I see their height difference.

Noah's tree is so full of other children's graves now.  For a long time it was just him and another boy - Thomas.  It's actually hard to get to the tree now that there are other graves there, so we just threw up some tinsel this year (which I hate on my tree at home, but is the easiest thing to do at the cemetery).     It's lovely to see that Thomas' Mum has been watering Noah and Thomas' graves regularly. 
Even after almost four years, it's still hard to believe that Aaron and Noah aren't here; and aren't coming back.
Christmas isn't the same without them, but hopefully they're looking down and are happy that we are making the effort to celebrate, even though it's the last thing I feel like doing.

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