Sunday, 13 September 2015


It doesn't seem like that long ago that our little family was just like this.  I had Jalen when I was 25 - four years after we were married.  We were so happy and also overwhelmed with having a newborn baby, and life was good. 
Yesterday Jay turned 16! It's really crazy to think that I have a 16 year old. I certainly don't feel old enough to have a 16 year old!  I love the age that Jay is now though.  He's been through so much in his 16 years - more than many adults would go through in their entire lifetime.

The night before his birthday Jay had his friends Rani and Henry over for a sleepover.    They were very nice in letting Harri and Kobe join in on their fun, and the night was very noisy and full of pizza, cake (thank you again to the Cupcake fairy for an amazing cake!), Nerf gun wars, playing the Wii, watching movies and wrestling all night (until 3:30am!). I was regretting the sleepover idea about 2:30 am! 
Kobe cracked us up as he gave Jalen some extra claps after we sang 'happy birthday' so he could get a girlfriend! 

After the boys left yesterday morning Jay opened up his presents from us.  Anyone who knows Jay, knows that he LOVES superheroes, so most of his presents had some sort of superhero theme.  
Other than Friends, Jay's second favourite series is Parks and Recreation so he was excited to get the last season on DVD. 
Jay has been wanting a bedroom makeover for a while, so I told him to choose some things to put on his wall for his birthday.   This is what his room looked like before.
And this is now. He loves it! 
Whenever it's your birthday you get to choose what you want for tea, so Jay chose KFC.  One of his mates works there and knew it was his birthday, so he wrote this message on the bucket for him :)
It was funny watching all the messages from Jay's friends go up on his Facebook wall.  He obviously grabs people's phones a lot to take silly selfies because almost every message included a selife! Teenagers! ;) :)
He had a lovely birthday and it was nice that it was on a Saturday so we could celebrate it with him the whole day. It's so nice to see how much he's changed over the last four years with all that he's been through.   I'm very proud of the young man he's become and know Aaron would be so proud of him too. 

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  1. If he wants that girlfriend I have a daughter, she loves Avengers, Star Wars and all that Scifi stuff he has all over his walls. She works at part time at KFC so could feed him as well. She is 6 months off 16 - and lives in Canberra - but the best sort of girlfriends/boyfriends at this age are a long way apart. (and she will kill me if she sees this)


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