Thursday, 10 September 2015

10 Years of the Possum Tree

When Noah and Aaron passed away a lot of our family traditions changed, as it was too hard to do things that we used to do without them.  But one thing that we have kept doing is taking an annual photo in front of the 'possum tree' that is in front of one of our old houses.

One year I remember looking out and seeing how beautiful the spring blossoms were, and wanted to capture the moment when the boys were little.  We took the first photos before Kobe was even born, and then kept doing it every year as we thought it would be fun to see how much they had grown since the year before.

When Harri was small we would say we were going to get a photo in front of the blossom tree, and he thought we were saying 'possum tree' and then every year since we have called it that for fun.

When we moved house I felt sad that we wouldn't have any more photos in front of the tree, but the next year I decided we should still do it since we still live close enough to it.  It's been fun to see how much the boys have grown over the years, but it was hard to take a photo in 2012, knowing that it was the first photo we would have without Noah.

This is the photo we took today.

2014 - we almost missed the blossoms! They had already gone from white to pink and we're just about gone!

2013 - not long after we got Milly.

2012 - the first photo after Noah passed away. 

This was just a month before Noah passed away.  He wasn't well for a few months leading up to it, but we had no idea he was about to leave us. 
I love this one - they all look so cute.
A terrible photo but I remember having to take it quickly - before Jay dropped Kobe and to stop Harri from complaining about the sun in his eyes! 
How cute was Harri sucking his thumb :) He was my best sleeper because he found his thumb so I didn't mind too much about it.

Spunky boys :) Poor Noah was waiting for a new wheelchair at the time and had outgrown his so much. 

This is definitely one tradition I want to continue, but am not sure how much longer my boys will humour me :)


  1. Lisa,

    Such a great tradition. Somehow I believe that your boys will be the ones to willingly carry it on. (and if they don't, you continue it. They will really appreciate it later).

  2. Love it, but I am a bit miffed at how the blossoms have changed colour over the years...they look pink in some photos and then a combination of white and pink and then white....

    1. They change from white and then pink as the weeks go on - it's strange hey? :)

    2. If we catch it too late we miss the white blossoms and just get the pink ones


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