Thursday, 19 February 2015

SLB Induction

It has been a tough week for Jalen and when I asked him why he was feeling so down, he said that all he could think about was how proud Aaron would've been of him for being elected onto the SLB, and how much he wished that he could've been there to see him get his blazer this week as his induction assembly was coming up. I told him that I'm sure he knew what was happening and that he would be watching and he said 'it's not the same' and I have to agree. I wish so much he was here, especially for special things like this. 

I was so glad that I could go along to the induction assembly yesterday with Mum. 
The Student Leadership Board are divided into groups and Jalen is part of the 'School Enhancement' team.  Each of them were called up separately and were presented with their blazer and badges from the Principal and other teachers in charge. 

It's so nice to see the huge change in Jay since grade 7.  It was such a tough year for him as Aaron had just passed away, so it's so nice to see him be so happy and confident now.    

 After the induction assembly there was a special morning tea for parents.  Jay and I both had to sign the SLB contract to say that they would adhere to school rules etc.

Jay pointed out that he looks taller than me in this photo, but I swear he hasn't taken over me...just yet!

Looking very smooth Jay! ;)

A very proud Grandma.  I'm sure Grandpa and Aaron were both looking down very proudly too. 
Proof that I am still taller!
These six went to Primary School together, so it's so nice to see them all on the Student Leadership Board together.
Jay has already been really busy doing things with the SLB but I know it's going to be a great year for him.  It's hard to believe that I have a son in grade 10!


  1. He looks so grown up and handsome! And you look beautiful, Lisa! What a wonderful mother he has, and you must be the proudest Mum around!

  2. Good job, Jay! I know Aaron, Noah and Grandpa are so proud of you :-) Much love from the US.

  3. Well done, it is a real privilege to wear a Queechy SLB blazer.


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