Thursday, 5 February 2015

Back to School

Summer holidays just flew by, and went even faster than normal because the last week and a half was focused on Dad and his funeral.  It seemed like we were just starting to get into it, when holidays were over.   I can't say that we celebrated the last day of holidays by going to Cold Rock, because we didn't feel like celebrating it, but we decided the last day of holidays called for ice cream. 
 Luckily I had organised everything to get the boys back to school, before Dad passed away, so I didn't have to stress too much about them being ready.  I was stressing all holidays though, as I didn't  know whether I would have a job teaching in first term.  Towards the end of the holidays the cold sores started coming (even before Dad got sick) as I always break out in them when I'm stressed. 

On the day that Dad and I went to Noah's garden and the cemetery  Dad asked me who my boss was. I told him that I really had a few bosses, and then he asked me who would give me a job.  I tried to explain how it works with the Department of Education when you are a temporary teacher, and that permanent teachers had to be placed before temporary teachers could.  He then said to me 'you'll get a job because you're my daughter and I love you'.   I laughed and told him it doesn't work like that, but that I hoped that I would. 

The day after Dad passed away (just four days before school started) I got a call offering me a contract to teach EAL (English as an Additional Language) again at the same school, with the same kids.  I was so happy and relieved. I absolutely love the job and the kids and was so happy to be able to teach them again.  After the relief of getting a contract, I started to feel stressed because I only had a week to prepare for work, with a funeral thrown into the middle of it.

Harri and Kobe and I started back at school yesterday, and it really feels like we haven't even been away.   I can't believe that Harri is in grade 5 already!  Kobe is so excited to be in grade 1 and keeps saying 'I can't believe that I'm in my first grade'.  He feels very grown up now he's not in Prep.   I feel very blessed to be working with the same kids as it's meant I have just started up where we finished off last year. 
Jalen got to have an extra day at home because the grade sevens have a day at school on their own.  He will be getting his blazer in a couple of weeks at a special induction assembly for all the members of the Student Leadership Board, but in the meantime he's decided he still wants to wear the shirt and tie.  I think he looks very handsome :)  It's unbelievable to think I have a son in grade 10. I know he's going to have a great year.   

Don't you love Milly waiting for us to throw the ball!
The boys were all actually looking forward to school, and if I didn't have to worry about paying bills and feeding ourselves, I would've loved another couple of weeks off, but I guess we can't be on holidays forever.  Hopefully we will finally get some decent summer weather though, so we can enjoy some more swimming and beach days, before the long Tassie winter hits way too early. 


  1. Lisa,

    Nothing more to say, you and your boys (and Milly) are simply adorable. I so enjoy your posts. Have a great school year (and don't stress about the bills - it always works out).

  2. So glad to see you have a job. I know what its like to only get supply or temporary contracts.
    Your boys look so handsome and Milly is cute. Wishing you the very best for the coming year.

  3. so you did get your contract ...(maybe your Dad might had something to do with it after all...he is in the right place and knows all the people in high places...!!!! ) so happy for you Lisa ..great Teachers are never without a job ...XXXX


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