Saturday, 28 February 2015

City Slider

Last Saturday we were so excited to have the City Slider come to our town. It's a 325 metre slide which goes right down a city street.   When we heard it was coming to Tasmania we were so excited that our town was the first one to have it, and were lucky to get early bird tickets for it.  We watched heaps of YouTube videos of similar slides in the USA and couldn't believe that we were finally getting something cool in Tassie. 
The best thing was that it was a really hot day.  We couldn't wait for our session.  Each session was for an hour and a half, and you got to have as many slides as you could fit in during that time.
I heard a lot of people complain that things went wrong in their sessions, but we had no trouble at all and Kobe and I had six slides, and Jay and Harri had seven.  It wasn't perfect and towards the end you had to end up standing up to get a run up again, as the street had a flat spot in it, but we still had an awesome time. 
We were excited to see that we made in on The Examiner newspaper video of it.  We are at the 2 minute mark (you can click on the photo below to see the video).
We are excited to hear that it is coming back next year, and hopefully they will put it down a different street so that you get to slide the whole way.

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  1. That looks so fun! I have never heard of such a thing.


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