Sunday, 22 February 2015

'Our' Beach House

Life has been pretty crazy over the last few weeks, with Dad getting sick and then passing away, his funeral and school going back.  In the middle of it all Mum moved into the new house that my brother Eden (ET Construction) was building for my Mum and Dad.   A couple of weeks ago a few of us started to help get things unpacked, before all the big furniture came over. Mum snapped this pic and uploaded it to Instagram. I love it as we all look so random.
When we knew that Dad was going to pass away and that Mum would be moving into their new home on her own, I said to her that even though it would be hard, it was probably nice as it was a fresh start and would give her something to focus on as she would need to spend lots of time doing the landscaping etc. 

I also thought it was probably meant to be how it turned out, with Dad not ever moving in there, because it would've been harder if Dad had been there and Mum had memories of him in the house. I know how hard it was for me without Aaron, and even though I loved our home,  moving and starting fresh was the best thing I did.    I think it was a blessing that Mum had a fresh start straight away.  It was a really hard decision for Mum and Dad to sell our family home and move away from where we grew up, but it was getting too hard for both Mum and Dad to stay in such a big place as Dad's dementia got worse.

Mum still lives close to two of my brothers and their families, and is just a five minute drive to the beach, so we are very excited about 'our' new beach house. 

My cousin's husband designed it (Starbox Architecture) and it's a beautiful home. It has such a lovely feel about it. Mum did a great job of choosing everything for it.



 I think Mum is going to be spending a lot of time out in her egg chair on the patio.

Mum's house is in a new subdivision and is only the third house there at the moment. I'm so happy that my cousin Toni and her family live right across the road.   They have also just built a new house which her husband designed.
It's so nice for Mum to have some space again.   It's very bitter/sweet for Mum to now be in the house as she's there on her own.  I have no doubt Dad is happy for her as a rainbow appeared right over the house the day that she moved in. 
We would've loved Dad to have been there with her too - especially as he would've loved pottering around in the garden.    I'm glad for Mum though that she had something to look forward to, and can now get the house how she wants it.   


  1. Very nice! Your Mom will have lots to do - it'll keep her mind busy, too. Love the rainbow picture and the very last one of your Mom...cute!

  2. So nice!! The Kitchen island bench is just what I want to do in our home someday! She looks so happy to finally be in her new home xx

  3. What a lovely gift your dad has left you all....a beach house! Yay!!

  4. It's really lovely, your Mum has such great taste. I wish she could come decorate my home!

  5. The house is beautiful and like you said, a nice fresh start for a new chapter in your Mom's life. I love the picture of your mom in the last photo!


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