Sunday, 21 December 2014

Visiting Santa

I'm lucky that Jalen still humours me and still visits Santa every year with Harri and Kobe.
Yesterday I remembered that we still hadn't gone to visit our favourite Santa, so we jumped in the car, hoping that we had the right time to see him.

He was there and it was so lovely to see him.  Every year he would remember Noah and would greet him by name, and I was sure that he was the real Santa, and not just Santa's helper.

We got such a beautiful surprise at Noah's funeral when a lovely old man came up to me. I didn't know him at all, but he said to me 'I'm Santa Claus'.  I then realised that he was the lovely Santa that we see every year. It touched me so much that he came to Noah's funeral.

He doesn't remember the boys, but as soon as we remind him they are Noah's brothers, he is so excited and lovely to them. He always asks me how I am going and I can tell he makes an extra special effort with them. 
It's crazy how you I don't notice the boys growing up, till I look back at old photos. 

If only Santa could bring us what we are really wishing for. 

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