Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Four eyes!

Over the last five years or so, I have taken a lot of photos and spent a lot of time on the computer editing them.   I noticed that my eyes would get really sore after a while, but just put it down to too much time on the computer as I found my eyes always felt better if I didn't spend as much time on the computer.

In the last month I have had sore, watery, itchy eye.  I kept thinking it would settle down, but it just kept getting worse, so I ended up going to the chemist and asked the pharmacist if I could have some over the counter drops to help.  He said he could sell me some, but said he would prefer if I went up to the optometrist first, just to get my eyes checked, in case something was going on.

I told him it was just one eye, and I probably just had allergies or a touch of conjunctivitis or something, but he was really keen for me to get it checked, just in case.

I went to the optometrist and they were able to book me in for an eye examination straight away.  The whole time I kept saying 'I'm sure I don't need glasses...I've just got an allergy or something'.  As the exam went on and she kept asking me questions, I started to realise that I probably did need glasses.  The optometrist broke the news to me that I could do with glasses for reading, computer work, watching television and driving at night.  I was actually so shocked as I had no idea that things were so blurry, until she showed me how clear things could be.

She told me it was up to me, and that she could just keep the script there and I could come back any time to get glasses, but once I saw how clear things could be, I realised how much glasses would help me.

I was freaking out about having to choose a frame as I didn't have anyone with me to give me their opinion, but the lady working there was great, and knew what would suit me, and was good at trying different things when I would tell her what I did or didn't like.   The last pair she showed me were very bold, and I didn't think I would like them, until she took photos of me with four different pairs and showed me all four photos at once. 

As soon as I saw them I knew the frames I liked the best, and they are not at all what I thought I would choose.  I think Aaron would love them, as they look a lot like the ones he used to wear. 

 The optometrist said I also had an allergy, so I did need eye drops as well.  I went back to the chemist and the pharmacist saw me and said 'well?'.  I smiled and said 'I need some eye drops as I have an allergy'.  I wanted to stop there, but I laughed and said 'and I also need glasses!'.  He had a little chuckle and promised me he wasn't getting commission. 

When I came home and told the boys I had to get glasses, they thought it was hilarious!  When I went to pick them up the woman serving me told me they call them 'concentration glasses' and that she has hers for the same reason. She said she is now so used to wearing hers, and everything is so much clearer, so she just wears them all the time.  I've only had mine for two days, but I think I'm going to be the same.  It's a pain to have to take them on and off at different times, and I can't believe how much clearer everything is!  I actually can't believe that I didn't notice how blurry everything was.  I just put it down to being tired. 

The boys think they look good, but Jalen said he doesn't think he will ever get used to seeing me with glasses.  I told him it's the same for me and I can hardly look at myself in the mirror, because it just looks so weird.  I told him in a little while, we probably won't remember when I didn't have them. 

When I posted a pic of me wearing them on Instagram, my brother Chrish sent me a text with this photo.  He thinks he is hilarious, and now I'm being called Nana all the time.  I don't think he's saying that looking like Nana Mouskouri is a good thing, but maybe he is!? ;)   Some of the older girls from school told me that I look 'so pretty with those glasses on'.   They obviously need their eyes checked as well! ;)

It is so much better now that things are clear (even though I didn't realise things were blurry!).  I'm finding that I'm staying up longer watching TV because my eyes are not tired anymore.  I just assumed that I was tired, so would head to bed as my eyes would start stinging.  Now I can watch TV and go on the computer without my eyes aching.

I'm sure Aaron is having quite a laugh that I've joined the four eyes club. 


  1. You look so cute! I have had glasses since I was 10 years old (i'm 28 now). You do get used to them after a while, I promise. I'm in the States and we get vision insurance through work which is very cheap....I can't wait to get new glasses and contact lenses after the New Year. It's very exciting :-)

  2. Lisa, not that it would mean much coming from someone you've never met but I just wanted to say that you are so pretty with the glasses....honestly mean that. Good choice in frames.

  3. I love it! You look beautiful! It is probably so nice to be able to see clearly! :)

  4. You look lovely Dear Lisa!!

  5. I love your new look. I have been wanting to get glasses for quite a while now. I remember even wanting them when I was little. I feel like it can be such a fun look because you can go so many different ways. My eyes are still in good shape so I do not need a pair right now.

    Doris Gibbs @ Moody Eyes


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